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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by khaos974, May 12, 2011.
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  1. Pale Rider Contributor
    Yes, it is so easy to relax and enjoy the music, and actually more rewarding than comparing equipment. Especially with a red. Sea Smoke Southing is my go-to for listening.
  2. Yoga
    Yes, far more rewarding. Georges Duboeuf Fleurie for me :¬)
  3. nepherte

    It so happens to be the case that I own both. After receiving the GS-X, I've done some (but not an extensive) comparison between the d1-dual as is, and with the GS-X hooked up. Sound-wise I could not notice any difference with my HD800. I'll leave it up to others to decide whether that is a compliment for the d1-dual, the GS-X or both. Note that I did the same comparison with my Lau and found it to "degrade" the sound coming out of the DAC. I can only describe it as a veil that masqued some of the details that I knew where there but simply couldn't here. @bmichels may or may not confirm my findings :)
    In the end, I've decided to keep the GS-X attached to the d1-dual. While I don't here any sonic differences, there are definitely merits to keeping it in the chain: physical volume knob (not having the d1-dual volume at 100% no longer makes it bit perfect), loop-out connector, multiple headphone output jacks, more room for hard-to-drive headphones, ...
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  4. Yoga

    Very valuabe feedback, thank you.
  5. Pale Rider Contributor

    Nephrite, did you plug your HD800 into the headphone jack in the rear, or did you use the XLR outputs?
  6. fabiodeluca

    Hopefully I am not going too much off thread now...

    If I am not wrong I saw some of you own a Lumin server/DAC (A1 or S1) and a Totaldac d1-dual DAC.
    Possibly someone else tried in the same setup the two of them

    I own an Aurender N10 that I am using as a streamer to Totaldac. Unlikely what common sense would suggest I am feeding the digital output of the Aurender to the d1 server (RCA better than XLR...) rather than directly to the d1 dual DAC. I prefer this solution because after extensive trials I hear slightly improved sound...possibly because of signal reclocker through the d1 server (I am not an expert so I can easily say very unreasonable things...:))

    In a few days I am going to try my friend's Lumin S1 substituting the Aurender for the streamer feature.
    Someone told me that Lumin S1 is way more musical than Aurender N10

    This is the reason I wanted to complement what I will hear with potential feedbacks from you

    Regards and thanks
  7. Yoga
    Look forward to your findings. I know of a few people who prefer Lumin to Aurender for streaming.
    Please also compare the Aurender + TotalDAC vs the Lumin S1 (as both dac and source).
  8. Beolab
    Rob Watts Challenge any Nagra DAC HD or TotalDAC owner :

    Originally Posted by bmichels 
    very good sign indeed.
    So now we need a battle between the 3 pretenders for "Best DAC with a Headphone Out" :  NAGRA HD DAC, TotalDAC D1-Dual (or Mono) &  DAVE.  Who will win ? 


    That depends on how one defines best - if best is defined as transparency and musicality then Dave will win easily. I am prepared to bet a brand new Dave against a bottle of Bollinger that Dave will win.
    In fact that's way too easy a proposition. I will bet a brand new Mojo against a bottle of beer that Mojo will be more musical and transparent than those DAC's.
    If anybody wants to challenge me on this, then PM me, but you will need to bring one of those DAC's (or any other reference class DAC's) to Carmarthen, Wales. Plus a bottle of beer and a bottle of Bollinger.
  9. jazzfan
    [​IMG] The gauntlet has been thrown... please, someone in the UK, take Rob up on his challenge.
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  10. nepherte

    Used the single ended headphone when comparing with the Lau and the XLR balanced outputs when comparing with the GS-X.
  11. romaz

    "My DAC is the best in the world!"



    "Oh really, I don't think so."



    "Watch out Vincent, because Rob's DAC is this big!"



     "That's right, I have a Hugo DAC."



    "That Hugo DAC of yours looks pretty Mojo compared to my DAC.  They don't call it the "Twelve" for nothing."



    "Well, my DAC is 2Qute."



    "My wife is not impressed at all."







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  12. castleofargh Contributor
    couldn't help thinking about this one[​IMG]:

    I don't like other guys touching my DAC.
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  13. a1uc
    Well I have 4 boxes for my Dac
  14. a1uc
  15. TheAttorney
    Deleted. Wrong thread
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