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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by khaos974, May 12, 2011.
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  1. Beolab
    Can someone challenge Rob would be a funny thing!:wink:
  2. isquirrel
    Zero interest, no doubt a good marketing stunt though
  3. Yoga

    He'll be using a measurement process that's tailored specifically for the DAVE. There's zero point doing it.
  4. Beolab

    I think the the intention was to listening for the DAC that were the most musical and transparent, he did not mention anything to measure the musicality with any instrument that is disqualification straight away , so hope you misjudged his invite :wink:
  5. givemevinyl
  6. nepherte
    Vincent released a new version called the d1-six: http://www.totaldac.com/D1-six-en.htm.
  7. Yoga
  8. bmichels
    Thanks you nepherte for this very interesting info, expecially since it can be a "ONE Box" solution with the streamer inside.  It just need now a decent playback software, so ROON is highly anticipated.  
    of course, at this price, DAVE becomes a direct competitor (except for the server option which is a + for TotalDAC)
    But... I did not understand well when people said that on TotalDAC, ROON will be implemented in a "restricted way" due to the fact that the Micro-PC inside the served could not run ROOM ? What does that mean in term of usability ? 
  9. paul79
    "What does that mean in term of usability ?"
    It means that you will either have to have a very powerful NAS or a separate PC running Roon Server on the Network. The Totaldac Server will be an end point only.
  10. yellowblue
    This is what Vincent wrote to me:
    "The d1-server will be RoonReady. It means that it can receive audio via ethernet from a RoonServer computer (it is like an Airplay receiver, able to make 192/24 and DSD)"
  11. bmichels
    Another PC on the network !  This is exactly what we try to avoid when going the "music server route" !! [​IMG] 
  12. nepherte
    Depends on what you're trying to achieve... I'd like to physically decouple the DAC from my computers, while being able to control it from any computer/tablet in the house. With the TotalDAC server, or any other RoonReady music server, that becomes a reality. The fact that a Roon server needs to be running on a different machine than the TotalDAC, is in my case not an issue (I'm running a server 24/7).
  13. bmichels
    OK you will explain me this in detail when we will meet...  All this server stuff is obscure to me.
  14. Yoga

    Heard the Lumin A1/S1? Might be the solution you want (with a NAS).
  15. rincewind
    There was an earlier comment made that it would be better to get the d1-server + d1-single than to get a d1-dual by itself if just using a PC as source (USB). But this runs contrary (but nice and cheap). I prefer to have free choice of playback software/software interface, so I'm considering (one day) using:

    fanless HTPC > USB regen> d1-dual > XLR/RCA adapters > (SE amp). Would this be as good as the d1-integral or the d1-server + d1-single pairing? (ignoring the fact I couldn't choose foobar/whatever as my playback software)
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