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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by khaos974, May 12, 2011.
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  1. no32

    Hey , I'm about to order D1server , vinsent recommend me to use NAS, however I saw you're using SSD with an OWC enclosure (driven by a 5V battery), could you give me more info about it

  2. yellowblue
    I changed to NAS after the D1 server with new Firmware didn´t see my SSD anymore. I don´t know if Vincent solved the problem by now.
  3. no32
    I guess that's the answer than thx
  4. cat6man
    anyone heard the new D1 six?
    i'm particularly interested as this is an upgrade path for the D1-dual and can also house the server in the same box.
    also have some questions:
    1.  being in the same box, i wonder if the re-clocker in the server is still used/needed?
    2.  how do six r2r chains fit into a balanced output?  i understand 4 in the dual (1 for each leg of each channel) but 6????  or am i missing something?
  5. a1uc
    Using a QNAP HS210 works just great , runs around 250.00
  6. nepherte
    The d1-six does not contain the reclocker, only the server if you get that particular option. Haven't heard it yet but unless you prefer single-box solutions, I'd go for the d1-dual + d1-server (which has the reclocker).
  7. prot

    Just in case you missed the memo: that 'music server' is nothing but a PC .. same is the so called 'network streamer' addon. And generally, there is no way to play digital music without a PC .. absolutely none.
  8. bmichels
    Well, for me, an Aurender or an ARIES do not behave like a PC  (even if inside there is some sort of computer)
  9. paul79
    The D1 Six and the external Server/Reclocker would be the best you could do with 2 boxes from Totaldac.
  10. arnaud Contributor
    I am also confused by the topology with 6 converter boards. Vincent mentionned the d1 six gives you same top performance out of xlr and rca / phone, does that mean one possibility is that the balanced circuit uses 4 conversion boards and the unbalanced uses another 2, independently?

    That does not make much sense to me as that would probably mean doubling circuit in some places dowstream the dacs and no increase in SQ out of xlr outputs that don't see benefits from extra 2 converter boards.

    Besides integrating the server he also mentions the D1 six includes latest "improved" output stage. I wonder if half the battle is there and it might be more cost effective to just get an existing single or dual have their output stage renewed...

  11. prot
    I guess this sounds quite pedantic to you (and many others) but you should try to use the proper terms.

    An old & buggy Windows laptop and a new Aurender are both 100% PCs and both do 'behave like a PC' .. in the exact same way that an 1980 Honda and a new Ferrari are both cars and do behave like cars.
    Sry for the offtopic & hopefully the car analogy did help. This sort of confusion only helps 'smart businessmen' to sell $10000 'music servers' when a 'normal' box from synology/qnap/etc does the same thing ... 5x or more cheaper and you may even learn some usefull pc-stuff when using it. Put it on LPS if you believe in that sort of thing, it's still *much* cheaper than those 'music servers'.
  12. Articnoise

    PC stands for personal computer. Normally it can be used to do many different tasks depending on software program, graphic cart etc. A music server is design for only one purpose to stream digital info from a disc or Internet to a DAC. Yes you can rebuilt it to be a PC, but then it would not be a dedicated music server anymore. 

  13. preproman

    I don't think that's the point he's trying to make..
  14. paul79
    The performance that Vincent gets out of his little server is quite incredible to my ears. I really feel no need to upgrade, but some care should be taken to optimize the network. That includes using his Ethernet Cable/Filter's (these things really work!!), turning off everything in the NAS that is not used, using linear supplies for the Router and NAS, proper grounding....
  15. romaz
    Most of us have moved beyond vinyl and CD players because servers offer much more convenience, I think we can agree on that.  But the implementation of the music server is where many disagree because we each value different things -- ease of use, portability, reliability, form factor, heat generation, power consumption, aesthetics (wife acceptance factor), internal vs external storage,  connection options (USB, SPDIF, etc), software compatibility (Roon, Qobuz, Spoitfy, MQA, etc), value, and of course, sound quality.  There's no one server that does it all, at least none that I have found, and so each of us has to accept compromise in one area or another.  
    With @Bmichels, he owns two homes and he travels between his homes regularly and he likes to travel with his music and so he is looking for something that sounds great, is portable with internal storage and with as few extra components as possible (like a NAS) and so I think that is what he meant.
    At the same time, I would agree that NAS functionality has come a long way.  They're designed to run 24/7, they're reliable, and yes, they're inexpensive. You can run software like JRiver directly from your NAS and soon, Roon (if this is your preference) should have a QPKG for the QNAP where you can run Roon off the NAS without a PC and control it from a tablet.  But NAS devices can't connect directly to your DAC, at least not yet, and so they cannot be considered music servers by themselves, not in the same way an Aurender or TotalDac server can.  
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