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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by khaos974, May 12, 2011.
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  1. khaos974
    All information: http://www.totaldac.com
    Semi DIY DAC, available fully built at EUR 3850
    Discrete components DAC: R2R DAC with 0.01% Vishay foil resistors
    Clock and anti-jitter FIFO: it uses a buffer memory (FIFO) to store about 10ms of audio data at the digital source rhythm and output a stream at a local oscillator rhythm.
    Active crossover configuration possible.
    frequency response: 0Hz-45KHz for a 96KHz signal
    distortion: 0.002%
    channel separation: 97dB
    left/right level mismatch: 0.005dB max
    output voltage: 3.3Vrms
    noise floor: -131dB
    output impedance: 75ohms
    output offset: 0.5mV max
    input to output delay at 96KHz sampling frequency: 10ms
    internal computing: 69bits
    D to A convertion: 24 bit R2R without oversampling
    power consumpton: 7W
    security: double isolation transformer + earth, enclosure connected to earth, EMC copper adhesive, isolated feet, isolated spdif input
    6moons review: http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/totaldac/1.html
  2. IPodPJ
    Created his own R2R from scratch.  NOS.  Jitter rejection from all sources.  Sounds promising.  Would love to hear it.
  3. Currawong Contributor
    Considering a Berkeley Alpha costs about as much, that is seriously tempting in that budget range.
  4. khaos974
    IMHO, its biggest weakness is the lack of connectivity, although it could be remedied if you can DIY.
    On the other hand, considering it s price of parts/ price of finished product is outstanding.
  5. dadab12
    Looks amazing, way out of my price range though!
  6. IPodPJ
    And of course balanced outputs would be nice.
  7. El_Doug Contributor
    That is one sexy DAC!  All those z-foils are giving me wood.  The $5500 is bringing be back to reality
  8. SebastianL
    I have had the chance to listen to this dac and can safely say it's the best dac I've ever experienced. That sounds like a cliché but I was indeed blown away by this dac. It's got a headphone output as well and with my LCD-2 connected straight the totaldac's out I was convinced this was even the best amp I have ever heard with the LCD-2! Note that I'm a huge tube fan and here comes this dac with a ss headphone out and trashes every dac/amp combination I've heard to date.
    I'm really loving my LCD-2 rev.1  but I have always thought they were just a tiny bit recessed in the treble department. Not so out of the totaldac. They were spot on. Not lacking ANYTHING at all. You'd be hardpressed to find a headphone/amp combo in any pricerange with a lesser dac that could match this. I also heard the totaldac with a Sennheiser HE60/STAX SRM007t combo. Listening to Chabrier's Espana on Mercury Living Presence made me turn my head to see who was playing the tambourine. This was a mechanical reproduction of music that sounded the way it ought to sound: effortless and natural with such ease. Made all other dacs sound like they are struggling
    Since hearing the totaldac I've been trying to to figure out how to afford one. I came as close as to order one but alas a change in my financial situation commanded me to cancel it [​IMG]. But I wish any future buyers many happy hours with a supreme musical experience (and a little bit of envy on my part).
  9. paradoxper
    Comparison against the Invicta and Cantata would be fantastic. 
    I do have to say it's an ugly clunky looking box.
  10. MorbidToaster
    Agree on both parts. The Cantata is still the best digital source I've heard.
  11. Maxvla Contributor
    The new one is significantly better on the eyes, but not on the wallet, except in comparison to what it supposedly beats.


  12. MorbidToaster
    It shouldn't be hard to beat the PWD at that price...
    EDIT: First birthday post!
  13. Maxvla Contributor
    You read the 6moons article? Comparing against 20k euro pieces at a cost of 6.5k. To their ears at least.
  14. MorbidToaster
    Hmm. No 'Blue Moon Award' though?
  15. SebastianL
    Now these two dacs are both using standard converter chips. The totaldac is a discrete r2r ladder design not utilizing a converter chip but resistors. If you haven't heard a r2r ladder dac you're in for a surprise. It's a whole different ballgame.
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