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Topping D50

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by junki, Apr 8, 2018.
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  1. Bhargu
    Not really. Only that my current DAC sometimes have issues suppressing USB noises.
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  2. Th3Drizzl3
    sorry guys havent been able to test the d50 properly due to being super sick and with this damn sinus cold things just sound terrible at the moment. im starting to feel better so hopefully will get to it soon. caught this sinus infection going around locally from my kid.
  3. BrotherKathos
    Hello all. Just placed an order for the d50 from amazon. I'll be using it with jds labs EL Amp, and Essence electrostatic Dpa-440 power amp hooked to either Paradigm atom v7 or Deftech sm55 bookshelfs. I got a ifi ipower for the d50 and to defeat the posibility of ground noise purchased a ebtech hum x for my pc power. The hum x works great btw as i've used them to remove ground noise from my home theather. Used a projector there so had to use different ac outlets which caused ground loop noise. hum x fixed it. I also picked up a jds labs ol switcher to see whether it sounds better with the dac set to 0db using the ol switcher or just using the d50s volume control. The majority of my listening will be through the bookshelfs, but i have Sennheiser hd 558 and 598cs open and closed back phones as well. Possible Senn hd650 in the future. Hopefully i'll like this setup. I've tried the Essence hdacc 4k as well as the TEAC ud-301 and returned them both. The hdacc sounded good as a dac, but had terrible white noise from the hp out. The TEAC was total garbage with shrill grading highs no matter what i hooked to it. Wish me luck!!
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2018
  4. dheepak10
    A user on an FB forum that I am a part of, said the following on the D50:
    "I realised the DAC has a very aggressive sounding tonality, with typical boosted sub bass and energy in treble region. Stock opamps OPA1612 were replaced with LME47920. Post mod, it's an excellent sounding DAC. Impressive tonality, details and layering"

    If anyone could check if LME47920 at amp level would pair well, that would be quite helpful!
  5. Acke
    The lm49720 has more distortion than OPA1612, I compared them as a headphone buffer and the 1612 is a lot cleaner and clearer overall. The 49720 does have a more musical sound which I prefered but it wasnt worth the cost of extra distortion, especially with my 9038Pro DAC.
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  6. wigglepuff
    whats a good amp to pair the D50 with for low to mid impedance headphones that is also neutral and transparent (no filter adjustments or bass and treble emphasis) the kind people say its boring sound type of amp, are there any on this price range as well?
  7. ostewart
    Objective2 I use one with my D50.
  8. spacequeen7
    My cheap SMSL sAp II Pro works great with D50,it's opamp swappable - opa 2134 (airy,musical and natural )
  9. Dr. Ameet V Joshi
    Darkvoice, is what I am looking planning till I get Massdrop AAA.
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  10. BrotherKathos
    I'm still waiting on my D50. I've got a smsl su-8 coming monday though and will be pairing it with a JDS Labs EL Amp. I've been using the EL Amp with an audioengine D1 and it sounds good. There is a bit of channel imbalance at extremely low volumes where the right side comes in before the left. It equals out as you increase volume though so I assume this amp is more suited for harder to drive cans(300-ohm and up). I've been pleased with the sound though and after a few burn cycles it has already settled down and has a nice neutrality with tons of drive. I'm sure either your ears or cans will give out before this thing clips.
  11. treecloud
    Just plugged mine in, agree with your take on sound...yeah, very nice.

    Curious about you choice of filters. I'm on 5 now, it may sound a bit smoother? (using MacBook) But it's very early living with the D50. Wondering why you chose this filter?
  12. junki
    If you can actually hear a difference, feel free to use whatever you please. I use linear fast roll off filters on every DAC because, without getting into it, it's the most transparent filter.
  13. Mizicke5273
    Is there any where that explains the difference between Filters? I can't really tell a difference, then again I don't know what their description is saying each one does.
  14. frogmeat69
    Here is from Topping's site:
  15. Mizicke5273
    I did see those descriptions, but I don't understand how each one effects the sound. Is there a simplified explanation of each ones effect?
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