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Topping D50

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by junki, Apr 8, 2018.
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  1. ostewart
    Topping stack, the D30 is currently not being used :D

  2. wigglepuff
    is the D50 using those really bad quality OLED screen that goes dark and unreadable over time? I've had Fiio units using these crap leds and are now useless thanks to these built in defects.
  3. frogmeat69
    The Screen on the D50 has an auto shut off feature, after 30 seconds the screen goes black unless you play a song at a different bit rate or file type, say FLAC then DSD. Should last a good long time.
  4. spacequeen7
    How you set "an auto shut off feature" ?,mine OLED is always ON
  5. frogmeat69
    A quick press of the power button brings you to a menu where you can change the filter settings, display brightness, and auto power on or off. Change display to auto, and it will shut off after 30 seconds.
    You can download the manual from Topping's website.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2018
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  6. spacequeen7
    Display was @ 30% by default,now it works :) ,Thanks
    frogmeat69 likes this.
  7. Mizicke5273
    I bought a D50 to replace my Maverick Audio TubeMagic D2. I wanted to try a newer and different DAC; as well as have a spare. After a few weeks of using the D50, I was really happy with it. Nice and simple little unit.

    Although I did not notice an immediate change in the sound. I have it feeding a Schiit Loki to a La Figaro 339 and HiFiMAN HE-500. On Tuesday I was off and did an A/B session with the two DACs. This time I noticed an immediate difference in sound. The D50 was more lively and energetic. To me the sound was “thicker” and more to my tastes. While the TubeMagic D2’s sound was noticebly “thinner” and I also had to turn up the volume a moderate bit.

    After this session, I am more than pleased with the D50 and consider it a worthwhile upgrade over the TubeMagic D2. All songs where Flac or 320kbs MP3s; I don’ have any DSD or other such Files to try.
  8. wigglepuff
    what function of the D50 is tied to its oled screen, like what things wont you be able to control if the screen goes bad, I'd still probably buy one if the display doesn't hinder any function when it goes bad, Fiio units also had an auto off function which you can set to 10 seconds, but still those oled screens burn out and probably have an estimated life span even when not in use, I've had those e07 and e11 line leds just go black even when they where in storage. Oled's are really bad quality that's why some manufacturers stopped using them.
  9. Th3Drizzl3
    you really need the screen to do much. all of the settings are done with only the joystick and the power button. so maybe if you have all the steps memorized then you might be okay without the screen. it does seem to be a decent quality screen though
  10. Bhargu
    A decent OLED display should last over 4 years of continuous use. Auto display-of should make it last for ever (just an expression). An OLED display fading over a short period of time is just pathetic quality bordering on damaged goods. Any manufacturer using such parts should be avoided. It might be condoned for a cheap device (part of cost-cutting), but never acceptable for a $200+ device.

    PS: Burn-in is a completely different issue and auto-off should effectively solve it.
  11. Bhargu
    Some people have been reporting a peakiness in the high-mid region for D50. Is it significant and easily noticable? Does it go away with use (100+ hours)?
  12. ostewart
    Not noticed this at all, I've got a ton of DACs and they all sound relatively similar. D50 is transparent and neutral
  13. Fawzay
    How is this Topping D50 Dac SQ compared to SMSL M8a + SMSL sAp-12?
  14. Bhargu
    So, is there any point in buying it if you already have a decent DAC?
  15. ostewart
    Depends on if you need any of the features of the D50 over your current DAC.
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