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Too much "wasted" space, and too much white.

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by elephas, May 6, 2010.
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  1. midoo1990
    ok i dont want to be so critical but what the heck is that featured reviews(like the jh13pro on the right side of the screen on main page)?
    i feel like i am in freaking amazon.com with "did you find this review helpful?" question!! the same goes to Head gears i feel like i am on headphone.com(a.k.a headroom)! this really makes the site less sophisticated and i feel it is more promotional and advertising.
    when i first found headfi through google i thought it was a serious site with hardcore geeks that know audio stuff very well,but now if i stumble across the site for the first time,i would return back to google because i would think that the site doesnt contain useful information and feels like a store that sells headphones!
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  2. Crazy*Carl


    Head-fi is a market and discussion with tons of opionions, many of which are not hardcore geeks that know audio stuff very well.  So I guess the amazon likeness is almost appropriate [​IMG]
    Think, where would Little Dot and Audio gd be without head-fi?
    Head-fi is the point where hi-fi audio and capitalism meet.
  3. Crazy*Carl
    There is another bug, the "Edited by Crazy*Carl" time in the previous post is in the wrong timezone.
  4. Volkum
    I dislike the wasted space, overly white/bright color scheme, and the lack of bbcode (I'm not a WYSIWYG fan at all).  On the other hand, I do like that some things were added, for instance, the wiki, which I'm sure will be used for DIY guides and such that were previously in forum threads.
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  5. ShinyFalcon
    I'd say take time adjusting. The new layout was just released, and there's a lot to go through. I'm sure you wouldn't want to by in Jude's shoes trying to manage a forum as big as this.Since someone mentioned CSS, if head-fi uses CSS, then we can probably change stuff around like GameFOX has done for GameFAQs.
    I'll take a look and see if I can make a Greasemonkey script... but it's over my head at the moment.
  6. timmyGCSE


    word filter not working either :wink:
    edit: oh and I hate that ^^ not being able to type the text for a smiley and it translating into the smiley itself..come on this is basic internets imo.
    and I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments that this now seems like amazon or a product wiki with a forum attached. Very sad at this. If you look at huddler's website they use scary terms such as 'marketing and media', 'advertisers', 'monetize' 
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  7. Blackwheel
    Fonts are definitely way too big, especially for the forum titles. 
  8. MikePio
    its so cold here now... I am freezing... have to put my mittens on and sun glasses for the glare... so cold... [​IMG]
  9. limpidglitch

    ****? :))))

    I agree on both points. 
    I like the basic layout though, light and airy, and text sizes seem to be about the same as they used to be.
    One thing that's annoying me is the white squares behind avatars, doesn't look very nice.
  10. plonter
    I really like the new look.  it is less cramped and much more relaxing..at least for me.
    this is comes from someone who is a total noob in computers and stuff and just want the most comfortable layout and look in order to easely post and enjoy the forum.  i really think you should keep it that way , plain and simple.
  11. gavt
    Good: My Profile link at the top with link to my posts; preview of last thread post. Bad: The white background is rather overpowering; ads are obtrusive; why do I have a random avatar?! Change is always painful :wink:
  12. sgrossklass
    Don't think there is much that Greasemonkey could do here... it's a case for Stylish.
    Getting rid of all that white is easy:
     #content-wrapper { background-color: rgb(255,255,225); } 
    Haven't found how to get the post text back to default size though... as opposed to some people, text actually got smaller for me. (I could get the font size for sigs back up but I'd rather have these smaller...)
    BTW, some of the control elements fail to render properly with my 15px minimum font size... classic px fail.
    What, HTML code edit instead of BBCode? No direct entry for smilies? Ugh. That's gonna be tough.
  13. Crazy*Carl

    It is such more cramped, everything is shoved in on the left side.
     Now when i see the premade avatars, i think im seeing the same person posting, but its a different person cause now tons of people have these randomly assigned avatars.
  14. Head Injury
    My browser takes up only a little more than half of my screen, so I have room on the sides for music player, etc. As a result, I agree that the white bar over on the right is crazy big. I'm leaning to the left in my chair right now so I can see what I'm typing as centered.
    Perhaps it's time to get a 3 x 1920x1200 setup? All I need is an excuse [​IMG]
    Also, I almost clicked the Wiki button to edit, but that's just something I'll get used to.
    I personally like the white, though we'll see if my tune changes tonight when it commences to blind me.
  15. kunalraiker
    I had the same problem, you have to enter your profile and change your time zone.
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