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Too much "wasted" space, and too much white.

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by elephas, May 6, 2010.
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  1. Double F
    This software redesign emits a foul and unpleasant odor, I loath it. 
  2. Sarah
    I have to agree with the "wasted space" comments. Having the username/avatar/etc. on top of each post really gets in the way. There's a reason every other forum I use has that stuff on the left side - it's efficient! I realize you don't want to narrow the space used for the actual post any more than you already have with the huge right-hand column, but you'd waste much less space that way.
    On my laptop I can only fit two posts per page, or even less if the posts are more than a few sentences long.
    Most of the changes people will get used to, but having to scroll two or three times as much to read the same amount of material is a poor design choice, I think.
  3. Crazy*Carl
    Ya, everyone go look at some other forums, this design is not one of utility.
  4. jude Administrator
    Once again, you can make the forum full-width (aside from the right column) by going to your My Profile link at the top, press Account Details, and then select the View Forums Full Width.
    Deep Funk, I'm PM'ing you about your blog content, as it has been restored to the forums.  I think it needs to be re-indexed, and it should be easy to find.  I do regret that this platform does not currently have a dedicated blogging platform.
    As for the white (one of the main reasons for this particular thread), it has been toned down.
    This thread has gone somewhat off-topic, so I'm closing it.  You can start a thread for each bug/suggestion, but please also make a reasonable attempt to not duplicate an existing thread.
    Thanks for the feedback.
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