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Too much "wasted" space, and too much white.

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by elephas, May 6, 2010.
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  1. Elephas Contributor
    I think the spacing of the layout is a bit too large. It looks nice, but there seems to be too much "wasted" space, and a lot of it is white which makes screen glare more of an issue.
    I'm on a 2560x1440 monitor and I don't see as much on one page as I would like. I need to scroll a lot. I can't imagine what it's like on a 1024 screen.
    Oh, can I be in charge of the "What Users Want" module on the right side? I think I know what users want. I promise to only list discontinued headphones such as R10, HE60, K1000, HP1000, W11JPN etc. [​IMG]
  2. jjinh
    I agree. I think the default font size is too large (I'm using a 24 inch monitor displaying 1080p)
  3. ford2
    Could not agree more,this new look is ugly.
    And this is not the only forum upgrade that has gone backwards.
  4. neopac
    agreed .. to much wasted space and to bright...the "light blue" color looks pretty neat on my ips display at home, but on the tn display at work, it fades into white and is very dependent on the viewing angle (i think most people will display this page on the cheap screens).
    Though i like the new functionality alot ... the first time i entered "new" head-fi i thought i´ve ended on one of those "no longer in use domain - google ads - thingy".
    but keep up the good work! i like it alot (apart from what i´ve typed).

  5. skysoul
     agree.. Too white and kind of forcing the user to go away quicky from the site.
  6. RazorJack
    Agreed with all posts.
    revert to previous layout plz, why fix something that isn't broken?!
  7. Deep Funk
    Could be worse, I think in time I will get used to this layout. Although I will always think more favourably of the old layout, those thirty second search warnings were the only real annoying thing about it. The personal user interface was compact and everything was very easy to find. 
    At least the new layout looks kind of nice and spacious.
  8. jjinh
  9. crowley
    I agree that the new layout is spacious and looks better. Where everything can be found needs a little getting used to but I think its a good thing that everything now is in better order. The old layout looked cramped.
    Im just not a fan of all this white, its really glaring and hurts when i look at the screen for extended periods of time. The font I think is a little too big, if it can be made smaller just a little bit.
    Other than that, I think the new site looks excellent! Good job to Jude and the rest of the team who put this together!
  10. squall343
  11. 00940
    Looks like the paradigm for this revision (and the previous one too) is to cater to wide screen users.. on a 19" 4/3 screen, the main content column is awfully thin compared to the huge blank space to the right.I really don't see why it should be any wider than what it is for example here : http://forum.notebookreview.com/
    But even then, with laptops moving in mass towards 1368/768 screens, you can't fit a lot of posts on your page with the top user profile, signatures (easily disabled though) and the big font size. Zooming out with ctrl-scroll doesn't help much (and icons become blurry).
    It's a bit too white but it's mostly because of the blank space to the right. The forum linked above uses roughly the same colours and it never was a problem to me.
    For the rest, it looks pretty neat. Cut in half the side bar width (you know that you can have vertical ads, right ?), reduce the font size in the threads and it will be good.
  12. mobbaddict
    Yeah this new look lacks a bit of intimicy... it feels somewhat like being on Amazon.
  13. Superfrag
    Too much white for me too.. Maybe needs time to get used to it.. will comment more after few days.
  14. Deep Funk
    I am a bit lost, where are my blogs!
    That is all for now...
    Update: I don't know what happened to my blogs or where they are right now. I use them for making notes. The threads I once started, they don't seem to be present in the personal user interface (Am I using the correct words?). If it turns out my blogs are gone, I will be more than annoyed. The threads can be tracked back but my blogs really matter, all that labour of love...
  15. Carlosfandango
    Look at all this wasted space over here ------------------------------------------->
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