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Tidal Lossless Streaming

Discussion in 'Music' started by baroninkjet, Sep 4, 2014.
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  1. rkw
    Loudness normalization is a new feature that Tidal added only a few weeks ago, and annoyingly they turned it on by default. I'm sure that they added the feature only because Spotify has it. Just like they copied Spotify's autoplay feature (Tidal's version doesn't work very well and they also turned on by default).

    Every time the Tidal app gets updated, remember to go check your settings. Some settings have been getting reset, such as the streaming quality getting reset to the lowest level.
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  2. toolio
    Excellent advice. Many times I’ve found myself asking why my music sounds so bad, only to discover that Tidal was on low quality after an update.
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  3. gimmeheadroom
    I reported this several times. They fixed it for a while and broke it again. Then it was fixed around a week or two ago. Let's see how long it lasts before they break it again.
  4. kukkurovaca
    They also often re-default autoplay to on when they do updates, which makes me very stabby.
  5. gimmeheadroom
    They're surviving on the sheer quality of their music and driver support. Everything else about Tidal is hair-pulling.
  6. Soundizer
    Anyone tried TIDAL HIFI on the KEF LS50 WIRELESS speakers and if so how is the implementation? Will it directly stream TIDAL HIFI masters and what about MQA/
  7. FiGuY1017
    Love this 360
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  8. dcime
    Tidal is entirely interwoven with the amazing MQA format, which I listen too probably every day. They seem to be Rap/Hip Hop biased, certainly with any "new music". Thing is, I have to hunt and peck to find what I want to listen to depending on my mood at any given moment. The layout, if you will, is not equal across the board.
  9. Double C
    Im digging it too! If anyone has a pair of sony wh-1000xm3’s; the app was updated and it now has a very thorugh setup of 360 that even includes an analysis of your ears! Presumably to get the best out of the feature. Love this kind of stuff!
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  10. paulgc
    Been having an issue on both iPad and iPhone. When downloading offline tidal playlist or albums the down load will stick on a song and then stop downloading and a pinkish color banner comes up saying can’t download specific song try again. You then need to remove the whole playlist for it to start downloading another. I have totally deleted and reinstalled the app on both but it still happens randomly but very frequently. It didn’t do this before. Anyone have any ideas. Super frustrating!
  11. WalkerTS
    Happens to mine sometimes as well, don't know how to fix it either :O
  12. Broquen
    I've had an issue with offline already downloaded content, mostly with Albums and tracks (less with playlists) on Android.
    I wrote a message to them describing issue very accurately and they requested a bunch of data from me like app version, OS version, device and a system log (they writed down an step by step tutorial of how to obtain it) and a couple of days after, a new version was released with the bug solved. I also received an email explaining it and asking for an app update.
    The problem was that when I touched "My collection / downloaded", the albums and tracks sections used to take quite some seconds to show up.
    Now we're talking about another issue: when changing from a downloaded song to another downloaded song in a different album (no streaming) and I'm in the subway, with very bad coverage, it takes again some seconds (but listening to already downloaded tracks should be instant, with no data expenditure).
    The thing is, they seem to be very responsive and maybe they can help you if you write them about your problem.
  13. paulgc
    Working now on the iPad. Need to try the iPhone. Not sure what changed.
  14. Luke Thomas
    Does anyone think their flac files sound better than streaming Tidal.
  15. gimmeheadroom
    Streaming Tidal how? Sometimes people use different DACs for Tidal vs. local flac files.
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