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Tidal Lossless Streaming

Discussion in 'Music' started by baroninkjet, Sep 4, 2014.
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  1. dcime
    It does answer. That's why I think the other adapter with an additional lightning input slot would work better. I could just use a short USB cable to make the connection to the ifi xDSD I think.
  2. teb1013
    I’m glad it gives you the information you need. Perhaps I don’t fully understand the functions of the cable you are referring to and how it would obviate the need for a powered hub. If it works, great!
  3. Fishdo
    Like a few here I have been going through the free trial of numerous streaming apps.... I would caveat that by also saying it was only those apps that don’t need me to use a computer or laptop like Roon etc

    Everyone I had any message exchange with all suggested Tidal as the best streaming app and I found myself preferring Quboz for sound quality both in stream or as off line...

    I only found this thread because I was trying to understand if I had missed something when listening to all these apps on a free trial either in the kit I used or even cables etc or anything else like my ears!!

    But it seems that maybe it’s just a matter of my ears or some other subjective measurement.... that I much prefer Quboz to Tidal.... not just the sound quality but the way the better sound quality versions would appear in my search results...

    I found with Tidal that I had to search through all discography of a band to find the better quality version whereas with Quboz those hi res or master recordings would be up towards the top of the results....

    I currently use an iPhone XS Max or iPad Gen 3 with either RHA T20s with after market cables or iSine 20’s with after market cables and both with a Mojo....

    I also use the BT set up with both iems...

    In all these cases I have found the SQ from Quboz to have a noticeable improvement over Tidal ....

    Like I say maybe a lot of the reason why this is; is it’s just my ears.... but if anyone is considering using a streaming service I would recommend they also try Quboz...

    I keep looking out for those services that can only be used effectively with a laptop or desktop to bring out an app that doesn’t require the use of anything else but an iPhone or iPad but so far the bigger names don’t seem to have done so...

  4. teb1013
    I have never tried Quboz, and I find the sound quality of Tidal to be fine (for my ears anyway), but I agree with your comment on the format of the Tidal format. You are simply presented with several versions of each album with no guidance of the sound quality of each. I will have to check out Quboz to see what it’s about. I use either an iPad 8S or an iPad Pro with Woo WA-7 and Sennheiser HD 600, 6xx, or 700.
  5. toolio
    I find Tidal to be fine. I tried Qobuz and found it expensive and the music selection lacking. I have some gear that plays Tidal MQA files. At times they sounded better than Qobuz non-MQA high-resolution equivalent; other times Qobuz was better. In the end, I couldn’t justify the cost of two services and since I found no evidence that Qobuz was consistently better I went with Tidal because it offered more music at a lower price. (Disclaimer: I’m in Brasil, where Tidal hi-fi is dirt cheap and where a Qobuz U.S. subscription becomes very expensive when converted to local currency.)
  6. dcime
    The introduction of Amazon High Res in USA but not worldwide yet has thrown another player in to the high res race. I am on trial subscription to Amazon High Res and have to say it's really very high quality with many diverse selections. Thing is, Qobuz has been at it for a while, Tidal has MQA and now Amazon coming in at a much lower monthly rate. Subjective as it is, I believe Tidal has more to offer not just High Res but, yes, with MQA tracks.
  7. MegaMatt5000
    I have a question here that someone may know the answer to - When my songs are playing on shuffle, the queue seems to always show a lot of the same songs even though I have many more saved. I'll scroll down through the queue and end up seeing the same songs all over again in the same queue order. Has anyone else encountered this?
  8. Maelob
    Any MAC users willing to help, never had issues with the exclusive mode and PS audio DAC, but I think after the last desktop update, when i used the excuse mode the volume goes way down and don't know how to raise it up. Kept messing up with the midi and sound setting but seems like the Tidal App just want to control sound but the gain is too low. I used Amarra and it does not have any issues with gain and goes back and forth between master and hi fi without a hitch. But when i go back to just using Tidal it just keep bringing the volume down. I dont know what the hell is going on. I restarted the computer unplugged dac and still having issues.
  9. dcime
  10. dcime
    Problem is, Im sure you know this....any time you upgrade firmware or software, you run that risk of incompatibility. Of course there will be some sort of patch released but that could me whenever which doesn't help you right now. The best, and only, possible solution is to go back. Install the older functional software. I know that can be a slippery slope too. Voice your concerns to Apple and Tidal. It really happens all the time. We by our tech nature want to keep everything updated with latest software and firmware. Try uninstalling the apps, restart, and reinstalling the apps. Lastly, I would contact Tidal and open a support ticket. There will be answer for you be it through Tidal most likely. Try to revert back (ugh I know) to previous stable version. Tread lightly and backup everything.After reverting back to last known stable release. In addition. You should contact that DAC provider. I know how difficult it can be.
    Please share you results!
  11. Maelob
    thanks appreciate it, just opened a support ticket, also will be contacting PS audio about it. In the meantime, I guess I will just use amarra for any master listening. thanks again, will keep you posted.
    dcime likes this.
  12. dcime
    There ya go. There is always a solution although it may not be readily apparent when we are all caught up and twisted over what's in front of us. There will be answers and solutions. It may take a day or two, maybe longer, but it will come to fruition. Hang in there. I lose stuff all the time and FREAK out dripping with sweat, short of breath, talking to myself. HaHa. These cables and earbuds and Apple Pencil and adapters and DAC's. It's no wonder we feel like we are going mad! It's in that moment that I do something else or rest. Then later, or tomorrow, the answers will come.!
  13. Maelob
    Just connected my portable monolith DAC and same thing happened something funky is happening with the IMAC and Tidal exclusive mode where gain level is going half way. Still waiting on Tidal's response
  14. Maelob
    Update problem fixed - disabled the loudness normalization under streaming settings - I can't believe i didn't think about it. lol happy camper now
    dcime likes this.
  15. dcime
    Great @Maelob !
    That's how to get things done, with our brains doing the heavy lifting! Congrats!
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2019
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