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Tidal Lossless Streaming

Discussion in 'Music' started by baroninkjet, Sep 4, 2014.
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  1. Baroninkjet
  2. Currawong Contributor
    High quality video is certainly interesting too.
  3. JerseyD
  4. Moosi
    I am taking part in the early access also. Interesting to see how much better it is against spotify trough decent gear.
  5. bmichels
    I will be very interested to know which Hardware manufacturer (DAC or Music server) are working with Tidal/WiMP (& Qobuz) to integrate Tidal’s (& Qobuz) lossless streaming service into their Hardware so that we can stream CD Quality (16/44 Flac)  music without the need for a PC/Mac, and.. without using Airplay) [​IMG]
  6. lmf22
    TIDAL made an announcement at the Rocky Mountain Audiofest with a listen of hardware manufacturers, including: 
    Denon’s new HEOS system
    Harman’s recently announced Omni speaker system
    Simple Audio
    Airable by Tune In Media
    (Source: http://www.digitaltrends.com/music/tidal-cd-quality-streaming-service-hopes-make-splash-fall/) 
    I think this is going to be very exciting. I plan to try TIDAL as soon as it comes out in the U.S. 
  7. bmichels
    and you can add to this list  AURENDER. 
    Indeed, here is the mail I got from Aurender 2 days ago :
    "Dear Bertrand,
    First of all, thank you for your interest in Aurender.
    Yes, we will support TIDAL. This is our priority work at this moment. We are expecting this one in this year or at least 1st quarter of 2015.
    We already have some initial working version and it works pretty well.
    Aurender Conductor app will shows the TIDAL contents, so you don’t need to exit Aurender Conductor app. You can search TIDAL contents just you search your library in Aurender.
    I hope this helps you to choose Aurender as your music server.
    Best regards, "
  8. THeFastCat
    Tidal just went live today - signed up for $19.99 a month. They give you the first month free.
    Looking forward to testing this out tonight on my good cans!
  9. Baroninkjet
    I just got my free trial email too. I hope I like it, because I really, really, really hate the Spotify user interface on iOS.
  10. lmf22
    Yay! I'm so excited that TIDAL is now available in the U.S. I installed their desktop app on my computer/music server. There is an option to select output device, but I'm disappointed there's no support for ASIO devices (the only devices showing up are the ones in Windows Sound settings). For example, I can't select JPlay. As a service that's for audiophiles, I expected at least ASIO support. I'll just have to use the JRiver WDM drivers.
  11. FYL941
    So far so good although it takes a while to play a song on LTE.  I'm listening to Bill Frisell, Guitar in the space Age! through my iphone 6 with Oppo PM-2 hp's and yeah quality is a step up from spotify.  Do I even need to buy music anymore?  Will try the desktop version when I get home and see how it sounds when played through a proper hp amp but so far I'm impressed. 
  12. wood1030

    My thoughts exactly. Also listened to the Bill Frisell album...sounded great...also the Annie Lennox album of the jazz covers was very good.

    So far have only had a chance to listen to the iphone app, I'll DL the desktop version when i return home this evening.

    The sound quality is certainly better than any other streaming service i've heard so far (been listening on ATT/LTE service),using an iphone 5.

    I'll be off work for a few days starting tomorrow so I'll be putting this service through the paces at home with wifi and different equipment, including: airplay, direct thru hifi equipment, different headphones, etc and see if it really warrants the $20 a month service fee (after first free month), so far, I'm impressed.

    Also need time to see if their music library is expansive enough to keep me interested for long periods of time.

  13. BruinAnteater
    Listening to it right now. Tried it on my laptop via X3 in DAC mode (WASAPI) and Schiit Bifrost (also in WASAPI). I gotta admit, this thing sounds badass.
    Playing Deadmau5 - Random Album title and seriously bad ass detail and clarity.
    A few major issues:
    * No ASIO support
    * There are big pauses between songs. I dunno if this is due to gapless playback not being an option, or the need for the player to buffer so much data (running hardwired into an ethernet connection). But it SEEMS as if the client waits until the next song in the queue to start buffering, which would explain the lag. This is a BIG issue.
    Have yet to try it on my Galaxy Note 4, but will report as I do.
    SQ wise though, its definitely killer
  14. vrapan
    As always UK service considerably more expensive and the free period only 7 days not a month. Giving it a go now and A/B ing with Spotify. Definitely more detail and less mushiness in parts. Can't say much more as I am just an hour in , but I do appreciate the clarity. Not sure I appreciate it enough on a streaming service to pay double than Spotify for it.
  15. Baroninkjet
    I just tried iOS app on IP6. Sounds pretty good, but there is no EQ. Also seems to have a buffering delay. Will see if this persists after downloading for offline use.
    Having trouble getting it to download reliably. Keeps stopping for no apparent reason.
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