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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. Stillhart
    Well, I decided to return my U12 to Amazon and buy another.  I can only assume the unit is faulty at this point.  @conquerator2 had a faulty U12 for his first unit, but his replacement one works fine with his Theta (which is the exact same model as mine).  Given that, and everything else about the situation, I think it's worth trying another unit to see.
    I'll know on Tuesday if it works or not.  If not, I'll have to look into an alternative to the U12.  :-/
  2. auvgeek
    In either this thread or another, the Melodious MX-U8 is supposed to be slightly better than the U12, but I haven't heard either. People over in the Gustard thread report the X12 sounds the best with the U12 when connected via I2S and quality HDMI cables—so a drawback of the MX-U8 is the lack of I2S, but that wouldn't affect your Theta. Just a thought in case the U12 doesn't work out for you.
  3. Stillhart
    Thanks.  There's been some talk lately in the U12 thread about alternatives.  That one is on my radar, but I'd probably go with the Audio-GD as my next choice if the U12 doesn't work.  I love Kingwa's stuff and I know he'll be there to support me if I have problems.  Kinda wish I'd gone that way from the start now, but here's hoping the replacement U12 just works.
  4. auvgeek

    I should have known you'd be more informed on the options than I am, haha.
  5. Stillhart
    Hey I'm okay with all the help I can get! Thanks!
  6. estreeter
    From Mike's update in the main Yggy thread:
    Alex has set up the production line and we are now in the process of final assembly. As a time study, we now have the first three complete production Yggys in burn. As well as many board sets to make many more by Monday evening.
    I will turn on the order button as soon as we have 60 units in burn.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, people, but Monday is April 20. Even if Mike doesnt turn on that order button until Tuesday or Wednesday, I'm prepared to do a lap of honor here in Thailand. No thanks are necessary - your tears are thanks enough. As always, I rock on days ending in 'y'. 
  7. lukeap69
    Estreeter - I don't know how you have foreseen the future but it seems you are right on the money. You better think of turning this into a career... :smiley:
  8. estreeter
    Sadly, predicting next week's Powerball numbers seems to be beyond my psychic abilities, and that would have come in a lot more handy. Still, its not over until that order page appears, and I'm guessing the Schiit site could be in danger of the same fate that befell Cavalli Audio when they launched the Liquid Carbon at $200 off the projected sticker. This will be particularly interesting as Mike has been forced to dial back his initial estimate of 250 units courtesy of his parts suppliers, and the vision of 60 Yggys sitting on the burn-in bench waiting for new owners will be rolling around in the minds of those who've waited months for this day. 
    Patience and restraint may be the order of the day early next week. 
  9. Xymordos
    If you're getting it off Taobao, there's also one with 3 Crystek clocks that is more expensive. Not sure how it is.
  10. Sonic Defender Contributor

    I hope to eventually get a Yggy (I'll wait a year) as I picked up the M51, which while I suspect isn't in the same league as Yggy, it will hold me over for a time while I save up my pennies.
  11. estreeter
    I seem to recall that the M51 is the exact opposite of NOS DACs like the Yggy - from memory, it upsamples everything to 384kHz, regardless of the original bitrate. At the time, it was very highly regarded here - I did hear one briefly in a NAD showroom in Bangkok but the ambient noise made any attempt to get a feel for the all-NAD / PSB rig a complete waste of time. 
  12. Sonic Defender Contributor

    I does sound very nice indeed. I thought there was some upsampling with the Yggy? I must have misunderstood. Really looking forward to more impressions of the Yggy. Time will tell if it becomes my 5 year long DAC (I can't imagine no matter how good something was me keeping it for longer, I always want to hear something different).
  13. preproman

    The Yggdrasil is not a NOS DAC, it upsamples as well.  IIRC that is..
  14. hodgjy
    Can someone explain to me the DSP filter the Yggy is using? 
  15. Argo Duck
    There are posts in this thread iirc from Mike and Jason - try search this thread for ''closed form"
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