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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. mikek200
    Why not shoot Purrin & Conquerator2 a PM,they might have a solution??
    Don't know what else to suggest..????
    Wish I had an answer for you....
  2. Stillhart
    Conquerator is asleep.  I'm going to hit him up in a few hours when they're awake across the pond.  I assume @purrin is keeping tabs on this thread so hopefully he'll chime in if he has any ideas.
    It's a bit frustrating because the coax out works fine to both my NFB-28 and my Adcom.  And the same files playing off my X5 using coax with the same cable work fine.
    The most frustrating thing?  The Theta sounds GOOD.  The treble is the most obvious difference:  it sounds more natural AND more detailed!  The bass is a bit fuller.  I don't know, I need to give it more time to really get a good idea of where all the differences are.  But subjectively, I prefer it even if only for the more natural treble.
    Oh and it definitely doesn't have the congestion of the GDA-600.  It's a really nice open sound.
  3. mikek200
    OK,well at least your getting sound...LOL
    You did read Conquerators2 post ,his review & comparison ,from a few days ago,didn't you?----that's what made me re-open my search for the Theta
    Hang in there,the issue is probably a simple one
    Yesterday,you were ready to MOD the 600,now it sounds like ,it's going in the closet..????
  4. estreeter
    purrin just started a new job - I imagine he's coming to grips with the assembly process for Cavalli's Liquid Carbon right now and may not have time to visit this thread. Still, how hard can it be to slot a PCB into a case, hook up the power supply and test the thing ? 500 times  [​IMG]
  5. Lohb
    Every time I searched for the Theta DAC on ebay AbbassAudio (ID kievfilharmony2006) came up in the search results....after PM'ing him about his new units/old chips he is going to expand and sell ready-made....

    "PCM58,PCM63 and TDA1541 and TDA1543 low cost DACs coming soon!
    There will be kind of "plug and play" DACs "​

    Edit:- though low-cost may be relative to high-end DAC pricing.... have PM'd again to try and get a ballpark figure for these NOS new units.
  6. Stillhart
    Nah, I still want to mod it just for fun if nothing else.  But I think it has a lot of potential.  It's already arguably on par with the Sabre.  If the mod can make it sound better, even if it's not as good as the Theta, it's still worth checking out.  Then I can sell it to some lucky friend as a good into to R2R.  [​IMG]
    Chatted with Conqueartor a bit and he doesn't have that problem with his U12, but he couldn't get it working with his DI-2014 (same idea, different company).  Also he's got AES on his so he didn't try coax.  He's gonna test coax later.
  7. Stillhart
    Purrin is going to be assembling my Liquid Carbon??  I wonder if it's too late to cancel...
  8. guitarrules
    Would the Hugo chord compare well to the gungnir just as a dac? I am thinking that it could fit my speaker system as a dac as well as a portable system.
  9. estreeter
    Relax - they have a rigorous QC regime in place. ISO9001, eat your miserable heart out. 
  10. lukeap69
    Purrin is with EC right?
  11. estreeter
    Doh - my mistake - I've got Cavalli on the brain courtesy of the $599 OMFG Liquid Carbon. Apologies to all concerned, especially the terrified young lady in my last photo : I expect that she'll be good as new when the bandages come off. 
  12. lukeap69
    Did you order the Carbon? 
  13. mikek200
    And remember what you paid for it,I mean LOL,-it was a gift..you were very lucky
    Many guys are modding the 600,with very positive results.
    I was expecting my 700,but due to a screw up from the seller,and mis-communication with Fedex,I'm now getting it next Wednesday.....I think?
  14. Insidious Meme

    Guessing he's working on the rival amp.
    jacal01 likes this.
  15. wahsmoh
    Dear God... I just listened to the Bifrost Uber after sitting with the Theta for some time now...
    the differences were more staggering than I could imagine.
    I mean the Bifrost Uber is a balanced sound but it never breaks through the soundstage wall or pumps out serious bass rhythms or images as naturally as the Theta.
    It always carries a slight tinge of digital glare to the entire spectrum of sound.
    Bass of the Bifrost Uber is always tight, but it never gets anywhere near the bass presence factor that the Theta has.
    I will do a more detailed comparison soon with more artists and genres. I was hoping for a better fight from my Bifrost Uber but nope.. it isn't even close.

    I got this CD from this local band from San Diego. This was the deal breaker, I am going to sell the Bifrost Uber when I get a stand for my Asgard 2 to raise it above the Theta
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