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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. snip3r77
    What if link provider is seller lol
  2. prot

    Actually it went to 300 immediately after I posted the link ... but no worries, got enough popcorn :D
    And I still want an answer to my Q ... is that one of the top theta models or just an average?
  3. haywood
    Add in a U12 and shipping and you're like 1/4 of the way to Yggy.
  4. SanJulesSur
    Just want to say a belated thanks to Purrin for taking the time to share his Yggy and Theta at CanJam.  Could really hear the bloodline in them. Had a couple of questions I wanted to ask but you were busy with speaking with someone else and I left discreetly.  Anywho, got my own Theta couple of weeks back. Probably the best upgrade I've ever made out for my personal system. Thanks for the insight Marv!  
  5. wahsmoh
    hahaha that would be smart idea. The bidding war is going to get pretty heated if this item is at $300 ish and has 3 days left still. What kind of moron decided to bid super early is beyond me?? no one has any bidding senses in this bid
    Below is how you bid on an item [​IMG] SNIPED
  6. prot

    Guess that would be an obvious idea for anyone who knows this thread and has such an ancient 'wonder' in the attic. I dont.

    As for ebay, bidding for an item is like slapping yourself. Just configure a notification search and use a last-second sniper.
  7. theblueprint

    Congrats on the acquisition bro! Which theta did you win and how would you compare it to Marv's. I'm especially curious to hear how it does against Yggdrasil.

    I see many thetas are being sold for $400ish, offering the best performance to price ratio for a DAC.
  8. Sonic Defender Contributor

    Absolutely, never bid, just snipe. I manually snipe and I have only once been beaten on e-bay. When you bid, you simply drive the price up, and many of these sellers make extra money on shipping and handling costs so why nail yourself on asking price.
  9. auvgeek
    If you really wanted an answer to that, you could have done some research. There have been links posted in this thread to the Theta Digital site: http://www.thetadigital.com/legacy_products.shtml. From that link, it appears the Prime II is one of the top models. But if you were really just wondering if the model was a good one, you could have simply asked if the "Prime II" was one of the top Theta models...
    And yes, I was looking to snipe it. When I checked the price this morning and saw it had jumped from $50 to $300, I figured someone in this thread had mention it or posted a link. Appreciate your thoughtfulness in looking out for all us interested in vintage Theta. 
  10. Stillhart
    My understanding of the theta models: Generation > Basic > Prime > Progeny. The roman numerals make it a bit tougher but using the link provided above should help a bit.
    conquerator2 likes this.
  11. mikek200
    I have a BasicIII model coming in ,next week
    One bit of info Conquerator2 pointed out to me,was that the basicIII uses a different chip..PCM1702.,a slight downgrade..??
    Some of the other models uses the PCM63P-K,which is supposed to one of the finest chips made...not sure if the PCM,translates into lower quality sound,I'd doubt it???
    Maybe Lucas can chime in here.??
  12. Stillhart
    Opinions vary. The 1702 is still R2R so it should still be a level above the modern D-S chips. As others have pointed out, the filter chip makes a big difference too: it's still a Theta.

    I'm eager to hear what you think.
  13. preproman
    Tell that to the Bricasti M1...[​IMG]
  14. purrin
    Welcome and gratz. Cute avatar.
  15. mikek200
    Believe me Dan,you'll be the first to know,and I'll probably have a few hundred tech questions for you-LOL
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