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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. musicday
    Why do you complicate yourself buying from aliexpress when you can find same seller on eBay and he offers the upgrades for who is interested.
    The dispach time is very fast too.
  2. miriddin
    Because nobody care about posting in this thread a link (eBay or else) to buy this player, but only ( completely useless) links to Taobao, so i had to search for a seller by myself.
  3. neog007
    thank you!
  4. musicday
    miriddin and hqssui like this.
  5. neog007
    you´re right but notice that by searching "zishan dsd aliexpress" (or ebay) in google it´s possible to find a bunch of links
  6. nick n
    oh wow thanks for the ebay listing links he must have edited the link recently with the options.
    It looks like they follow a logical numbered order according to upgrades 11 being the top one, technically anyhow.
    That is worse than going to a restaurant with a massive menu, too much to choose.
    1 riduculos options
    2 power upgrade.
    be nice to approach the Walnut signature stock but exponentially better,  any thoughts there? Something that is not too thin.I'll likely stop asking so many questions after this :) can't live vicariously forever
  7. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    There really isn't any order to the upgrades. Upgrade 1 is actually the most expensive, Upgrade 11 is the cheapest, but the upgrades aren't actually listed in order of price. They all just offer different sound sigs, I wouldn't call any of them better than the other as they all use top tier opamps, it just comes down to preference.
    nick n likes this.
  8. nick n
    Asked what the PSU upgrade option(s) costs. Can always roll opamps later.
    Just realized the A1 amp is a class A thing also.
    Jeeze I just did a useless filler post there didn't I. Not generally my style .Sorry :)
  9. neog007
    from ebay seller:
    Package 1 8610b X2 + 8610b X2 + 634XIIX2X2 $150

    Package II 49720HA X1 +797 X2 +634XIIX2 $76

    + - 15 need $43
  10. neog007
    the a1 is perfect for this weather as hand warmer although I prefer this other:
  11. cokrewel
    HIFI fever lossless portable music player AK4495SEQ super CS4398 USB DAC DSD hardware solution
    (from AliExpress Android)
    What is the same version as you buy?

    $150 + $76 usd?
    For oamp upgrade?
  12. neog007
    Upgrade 1: 150
    Upgrade 2: 76 -other upgrades around this price but ask the seller-
    Power upgrade 15v: 43
  13. nick n
    ok let's sort this out then.
    I asked the seller on ebay what the cost
    will be for the regular Zishan Player with the optional power supply upgrade.​
    , and got this.
     Now I assume these are the options out of that list of 11 that include the PSU upgrade given my basic question and their costs.


    Package 2 49720HA X1 + 797 X2 + 634XIIX2 $76

    Package 4 49990 X2 + 797 X2 + 634XIIX2 $76

    Package 8 49990 X2 + 8610B X2 + 634XIIX2 $89
  14. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    ^ No those are prices for the opamp package upgrades without the PSU upgrade, the PSU upgrade is $43 extra, or by itself.
  15. nick n
    uuughhhh  why.... can't ......the seller be more clear. Thankyou for clearing it up.
    Funny they gave me only gave those 3 also.
    ohhhh so the other options must be @ 150 also then those 3 are the extras , or what they have on hand I dunno
    ...or not...I need some fresh air...[​IMG] 
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