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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. akrk
    I got Zishan DSD yesterday. The sound is really good. But the beginnings and the end of the songs always get cut off. Could this be improved by updates of the firmware?
    Besides, what is "car mode"?

  2. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    Here are the rough prices, Prices with ~ are estimates based on CNY price. Fyi, AD8610B is the most expensive chip for them to source, not sure why they are able to source OPA627 cheaper, maybe second hand [​IMG]
    PSU +/-15v upgrade = $43
    1. AD8610B x2 + AD8610B x2 + BUF634 x2 = $150
    2. LME49720HA x1 + AD797 x2 +BUF634 x2  = $76
    3. AD8610A x2 + AD797 x2 + BUF634 x2 = ~$71
    4.  LME49990 x2 + AD797  x2 + BUF634 x2 = $76
    5. LME49990 x2 + OPA627AU x2 + BUF634 x2 = $76
    6.  LME49990 x2 + AD8620B x1 + BUF634 x2 = $89
    7.  LME49990 x2 + AD8620A x1 + BUF634 x2 = ~$69
    8. LME49990 x2 + AD8610B x2 + BUF634 x2 = ~$99
    9.  LME49990 x2 + AD8610A x2 + BUF634 x2 = ~$71
    10. LME49990 x2 + OPA637AU x2 + BUF634 x2 = $76
    11. LME49990 x2 + LME49990 x2 + BUF634 x2 =  ~$66
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  3. anyone007
    Sorry for the noob question, what's PSU upgrade? And what will be the benefit? Thanks
  4. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    It increases the power supply voltage from +/-9v stock to +/-15v, and also lowers ripple. The increased voltage and lower ripple supplied to the opamps will make them sound cleaner and more dynamic, also results in a bit more power output.
  5. Dagnatos
    What package do you think is better?
  6. notamethlab
    "If you don't want to mess around just get the standard player combined with the A1 amp as that will still be a bit better than the upgraded dap, the A1 amp is Class A, with Discrete transistor buffer, AD797 as voltage amp, and using metal film resistors throughout. Fyi, AD797 is Analog devices competitor to Burr-brown OPA627, they are both in the top ten highest performing opamps around, but for some reason OPA627 is more famous, no idea why, I actually prefer the sound of AD797 over OPA627. I also prefer Muses01/02 over OPA627.
    You can't actually go wrong with any of the packages, although personally I would avoid getting the AD8610/20 as that is quite analytical, but it's an awesome opamp that's still in the top 10 best, just imo not as musical as the others, it's super clean and kinda boring. You will notice that most of the packages use LME49990 as LPF, mainly just have to pick which opamp you want for voltage amp, and since the A1 amp uses AD797 I would not pick that just so the Zishan is different than A1 so you can have two sound sigs to pick between player and amp. So basically the only decision you have to make for which upgrade package is whether you want OPA627, OPA637, LME49990, AD8610/20 (I wouldn't get these two personally), and I personally wouldn't pick LME49990 either because using the same opamp for both LPF and voltage amp is a waste, you will get a more simple sig, compared to using different opamps for LPF and voltage amp which can complement each other's sigs. So there is only two options for me if I were to get the upgrade packages, OPA627 and OPA637, but I'm not a huge fan of OPA627, but I do like OPA637 better, but this is out of stock from the seller and he doesn't have an ETA. So, no upgrade for me! Lol. Also bear in mind OPA637 is permanently in a higher gain (5+) compared to OPA627, so maybe not the best for iems, It may or may not affect the noise floor with iems depending on Zishan's circuit.
    So basically OPA627 will be the best option for most people, even though I like a few opamps better than it..."
    Credit to 
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  7. anyone007
    Thanks for the explanation. So it means that if I don't really need opamps and I prefer the Mini A1 instead, no need for PSU upgrade right? 
  8. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    Not really, even though the PSU upgrade will still be affecting the LPF opamp of the dap even using the A1 amp, so there is still some benefit to the PSU upgrade, but half of the benefit is bypassed if your using the A1 amp, and really, the stock +/-9v is already higher than the majority of daps out.
    Also increasing the voltage results in increased noise (usually not audible noise), but a drop in theoretical dynamic range and SN. You can't just bump up the voltage without any drawbacks, but overall the positives should outweigh any negatives given that it's offered as an upgrade.
    I can't really give recommendation without hearing it myself or knowing the details of the PSU upgrade, but I will be getting the upgrades at some point out of curiosity though.
    Overall if you are using the A1 amp, I wouldn't really bother getting any of the upgrades, as the value for money is lower because the upgrades primarily benefit using the Zishan as a standalone player.
  9. musicday
    Congratulations,looks really good especially for the price and i can see yours has the copper metal buttons like the one i ordered it.
    Looking forward to receive it this week hopefully.
    Happy listening and post your impressions.
  10. anyone007
    Got it. Thanks. That's why I want to confirm it. I'm just using IEMs, not into headphones. Standalone alone is perfect for me without upgrades. I'll just get the Mini A1 for some hard to drive earbuds and of course, a Class A amplifier for that price, why not? :)
  11. neog007
    I´ve not such an issue, maybe that´s something related to the specific files you´re playing in the zishan. Try with different ones.
    Although I didn´t try it, the car mode is implemented in some chinese players as well as in some rockboxed players too. I guess that the player switches on when external power is detected -the power engine of the car- and start playing and switches off when external power is off, so you don´t have to switch the player on/off manually.
  12. neog007
    I find myself using the a1 with sensitive iems too, it really improves the sound no matter if ur using ear/headphones or earbuds
  13. anyone007
    That's the first I've heard of something like that. For an IEM (especially sensitive ones) to benefit using amp. That Mini A1 is really something then. You guys weren't kidding about the best bang for a buck combo. 
  14. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    Yes the mini A1 increases the sound quality, it's great.
  15. akrk

    Thanks. It looks better than the silicon button version. I think you'll like it too.
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