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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. dblml320

    Thank You! I am going to try converting the DFF files to DST files, and see if those play on my DAP. I am amazed how many DAPs claim DSD support, but only play a very small number of the formats...

  2. neog007
    Very good hakuzen  , that was very clarified!

    So if I understood well only one upgrade have the capacity of oamp exchange -and it has the same oamp than the companion amplifier Gap mini a1 so it could be a bit redundant if you think in to order this one too- and with the other upgrades you are stuck to their configuration forever. So better be sure about the sound signature you will get will match your preferences before ordering any upgrade.

    Besides all of this, not all upgrades are available at the same time, depending on when you order them.
    The whole election-buying process appears to be quite a bit confusing/embarrassing so at the end the stock configuration + a good oamp of your choice is a pretty good and simple option I think
    P61019-1949291.jpg   P61007-194941.jpg
    Zishan w the Gap mini a1 amplifier, both identical in size/shape         The space between boards is a bit tiny so choose oamps of appropiate size
  3. vapman
    This is exactly why I have not placed my order yet. Trying to figure out what is  even what before I plunk down 140 big ones...
  4. anyone007
    Sub... I hope I can get some answers here. :)
  5. cokrewel
    Buy ali express or taobao?
    Ali is fake?
  6. hakuzen
    thanks! but i was wrong: when looking at the upgrades pcbs carefully, i've noticed that non DIP-8 LPF opamps are mounted into adaptors to the DIP socket.
    so you can roll LPF opamp in the other upgrades as well.
    and you can put SOIC/SOP opamps into the LPF socket by using an adaptor, while the total height is not excessive. even you can find some of these opamps already mounted (soldered) on the adaptor, so you can avoid soldering it. but it must be a dual opamp, or you'd have to mount 2 single opamps into a 2DIP-8 to DIP-8 adapter.
  7. vapman
    But there is a 8 pin DIP socket on the player already? So if you're not trying to run dual mono opamps you can just slap one in and call it  a day?
  8. hakuzen

    i'm a total ignorant about these things. yes, there is a DIP-8 socket for the Low Pass Filter opamp in the player's pcb, and also in all the upgrades' pcbs. there is not a socket for the I/V opamp nor buffers.
    but i guess it's designed to plug a dual opamp in that socket. so if you want to use single opamps, you have to use 2, and plug them into the socket using an special adaptor.
    (i'm just guessing)
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  9. hakuzen
    i was wrong again, sorry.
    - Stock Zishan:
    it has a socket plugged into 8 soldered tubes (DIP), for the LPF opamp. LME49720 (dual DIP-8) is plugged in that socket.
    there are not tubes for the I/V opamp. OP275 is soldered there.
    - Upgrades:
    they have soldered tubes for LPF opamp, but also for the I/V one!, where you can plug DIP-8 sockets, or SOIC/SOP adapters.
    so you can roll both opamps without soldering them to the pcb.
    in case you want to put a DIP opamp, you plug a DIP socket into the tubes, and plug the opamp into the socket.
    in case you want to put a SOIC/SOP opamp, you have to solder it to an adapter, and plug the adapter into the tubes (some opamps come soldered to an adapter when you purchase them, so you have to solder nothing).
  10. Lorspeaker
  11. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    The upgrade changes the LPF and Amp opamp, and adds socket for amp opamp, also changes the LPF capacitors from Wima to Rifa/Evox and changes analog stage resistors from thick film to metal flims, also output decoupling capacitors are removed. So out of the 5-6 changes only the first one can be done by yourself (changing LPF opamp). There is also a separate upgrade available for the power supply changing it to ±15v from the stock ±9v. Also btw upgrade #2 uses metal can LME49720HA, while stock is standard LME49720NA.
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  12. nick n
    Wonder if the ebay seller will ever offer any upgrade versions.
     I looked around is there a spec for output power? Didn't find anything.
    Just curious as it does sound like it can handle almost anything.
    Is there a reason someone would buy an additional amp ( too many already here )  in the form of that A1 if the unit is powerful as it is? ( sonic change main reason? )
    T.R.A.N.C.E. , changing the Wimas out  would be easy for me, but  the resistors that got swapped out is it all 6 of the silver ones?
     If I had a pic to compare it'd be fun, but I get so confused with the listings I gave up.
    I imagine removal of the output caps one could bridge the connections, but I don't know what else in there changed behind those so easiest to swap the other easier stuff.
    Just thinking out loud here, it's likely good as is.
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  13. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    The A1 amp is more powerful, but the standalone player is powerful enough for most peoples needs anyway. The A1 amp does increase the sound quality though, it is worth it in that regard, but due to the extra bulk most will be fine with the sound of the standalone player to remain portable.
    Yeah, most of the changes can be done if you are able to solder, but not the power supply upgrade as that has unknowns, and the resistor change isn't a straight swap, there is some linked resistors, also I'd guess the resistance's have been changed to accommodate the removal of the decoupling capacitors. Look at the second pic in the listing below, you can see the metal film resistors, I count 13 of them. Personally I wouldn't want to do it myself when it is so cheap to get it done by the pro.
    Also, many of the changes are based on the players amp section, but even after all the modification it still won't be as good as the A1 amp! So I'm fine just using the A1 amp instead, the modification is only for people that wan't the best sound out of their standalone player.
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  14. cokrewel
    Why not buy in ali express?
  15. Pasopati
    Aliexpress link please?
    Taobao give me headache..

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