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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. florence
    Hello all,

    I have SR-507/SRM-310 combination and I wonder what Stax amp I should look after if I upgrade this combo? I love how SR-507 sounds with this amp but you know, we all want to upgrade our units somehow. The only Stax combo I have auditoned to date beside mine was SR-009/SRM-006ts. That was really unmusical, very thin sound unexpectedly. Since I still feel that 507/310 has harmonious sounding combo, 507/006ts may suit better. I'm satisfied with SR-507, I'd like to upgrade the amp only. You tell me the most suitable amp with it maybe.

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  2. Whitigir
    Sr-009 can easily sound thin, it is not easy to drive Sr-009 to a correct satisfying level really. But it is possible :D
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  3. Rhamnetin
    Yeah I just wanted to say... hook up an SR-009 to a top tier amp and it will make just about all other headphones sound thin in comparison.

    I actually can't even imagine a thin sounding SR-009 since I have only ever used it out of a Carbon, BHSE, and WES. The WES made it muddy compared to the other two but not thin.
  4. Whitigir
    IMO, Carbon can make SR-009 sound too fast and thin depend on current setting (it is just me and my experiences). I heavily prefer tubes stage for sr009. But that is personal preferences as I have seen people who can’t stand tubes tone, and loving carbon+009 :D

    Also, I am reading CanJam impression now. It seems many people are reporting sr009S to be having vocal more upfront than Sr-009, which I don’t observe the same way with KG T2. This makes me thinking that SR-009S is harder to drive than Sr-009 despite it fancy electrodes and so on ? I know I did say that the bass is harder to get to a satisfying level in comparison to Sr-009 for sure lol
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  5. weasel1979
    Guys, not every answer is t2 or bhse, he asked for an amp recommendation for his 507.
  6. Jones Bob
    Grounded Grid? :L3000:
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  7. Whitigir
    Lol, that was awesome !

    Any Kg amps are ok
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  8. SeaWo|f
    A 006ts or T1 would work very well. The 507 is not a hungry headphone, so that would be a cost effective route. If you are looking for more performance then you can mod either of those 2 amps in the future for very little cost.

    A used KGST or KGDT could also be a good option but they will be a bit more expense.

    If a used KGSSHV popped up at a good price point that is probably the best option if you want to stay SS. A new 727 would only cost a little less than a used KGSSHV but requires a mod to sound its best and is still inferior.
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  9. protoss
    SRM-006t is around $1000 ? So im assuming your budget is $1000.00

    I will wait for this; https://stax-international.com/products/srm-d50/ - Stax SRM-D50 (This has a Dac inside it!)
    Or I will get; https://staxaudio.com/driver/srm-353xbk - SRM-353XBK
    And to taste 10% of the kgss, get this; Octave V2 - https://mjolnir-audio.com/products/

    One of those 3 is enough for your 507 and is good for a long time. Also all 3 are equal in power levels. Give or take.
  10. CT007
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  11. padam
  12. Rhamnetin
    Sorry, I created a separate discussion.

    On the subject of SR-009 thinness/thickness, I was actually alluding to a quality not typically associated with "thick" sound. Thick sound as far as I can tell typically means heavy mid bass presence that rumbles a lot and just gives a heavier bottom, e.g. Audeze. The SR-009 is definitely not like an Audeze.

    But where I hear the SR-009 being less thin than every headphone I have ever heard by far is with most instruments; never before have I heard such full bodied, weighty and impactful, and lifelike strings, horns, wind instruments, everything that's not a drum basically (since excellent planars can make those lifelike too).

    All these instruments sound thin and toyish on every non electrostat, and the SR-009 takes this fullness to a level above the SR-007 to my ears. But this fullness I describe is the result of the SR-009's ultra resolving treble as far as I can tell, so totally unlike Audeze thickness.

    I'm practically obsessed with my SR-009 and Carbon system right now (doesn't have to be a Carbon either, would have preferred a Grounded Grid or of course a T2). Never had this feeling for a music system before lol.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2018
  13. JimL11
    I agree with @SeaWolf, a T1 or 006 would work well with any Lambda series headphone. Modify it by replacing the output plate resistors with constant current loads and it will do a creditable job with the 007 or 009 as well - at the same quality level as a modded 727, if not better, depending on taste.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2018
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  14. JimL11
    Glad my former 009 has found a good home.
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  15. elira
    What is a fair price for a second hand SRM-007tII?

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