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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. oneguy
  2. indrakula
    Received D10(Amazon JP) and L300 Limited. Pairing is good and volume is loud on 90%. With sony wm1a, the power via usb dac is good but with ios devices we need to max the volume on both ios and d10. Soon will try with Pc using DAC. I am happy with this pairing as it is portable and i also manage to find carrying case for L300L, need to remove some foam pieces to fit them in. Photos attached...
  3. buzzlulu
    Photos of the L300 case please? Thanks
  4. 336881
    ECP is one thing. 2 channel I think you are going to have a much more uphill battle. The bhse looks lovely but there is not much competing with the Sansui black of my C-2301 or the giant vu meters in my SE-A100. To each their own but I think my 2 pieces look much better. Fully refurbished by my stereo tech., both pieces, less than half a bhse.

    While the C-2301 had a much better jpy to usd ratio when it was sold, inflation eats that up fast and it kind of was damn near the price of a bhse when new back in the mid to late 80's.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2018
  5. Contrails
    The SR007 MK1 have finally arrived! They sound fabulous out the KGST. I wouldn't call them dark, but oh man that bass hits hard and has this amazing texture to it. The sound can be described as really smooth and detailed at the same time. They are a clear step above the L700.
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  6. Rhamnetin
    Congrats! I just hope you don't have any severe issues with the SR-007Mk1's cable entry, since that's a known physical weak spot for it if I recall correctly.

    Also how do you guys stop listening to your Stax setups? It's really difficult to do so...
  7. Contrails
    That's my biggest worry.
  8. mulveling Contributor
    I never had a problem with my Mk I, though to be fair I didn't own it much longer than a year or 2. I was always extremely careful never to snag or pull on the cable, very careful tucking into the box; I felt like it wouldn't become an issue with that level of care. This extends from the care, procedure, and mindset I always have to exercise around my $$$$ phono cartridges, especially when drinking during a listening session :D

    Glad you enjoy the 007! Honestly I kinda preferred the L700, but they are quite different and my friend Cory (he has fantastic ears) shared your view that the 007 is much superior.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2018
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  9. Contrails
    This is not gonna be easy considering I just wanna get up and dance while listening to them. :L3000:

    The treble on the L700 was a little hot for my ears. They were plugged into a 353X, maybe a better amp would have sorted that out.
  10. VRacer-111
    Not exactly the same as an L700, but my modded L300 Ltd (L700 pads and headband arc) did noticeably improve going from SRM-323S to the Mjolnir SRD-7 and NAD C 275BEE stereo amp setup... mainly in bass impact/presence, overall dynamics, and fullness of sound, but the highs also smoothed out a little.
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  11. Whitigir
    Everything else sounds boring in comparison to Stax :D . There is no helping it ! Stax On!
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  12. soren_brix
    Probably no need to worry about that.
    If it happens at some point, a replacement cable can be had from ElectroMod in UK at some 95GBP and any skilled tech will be able to replace within 30min.
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  13. Contrails
    Thanks for the tip Soren. Btw, the KGST you built makes the sr007 sound wonderful.

    I spent the entire afternoon listening to the SR007. In the evening I finally got my arse to work. I work as a pilot. So when I got in the aircraft and put the Bose headset on and started writing down clearances and weather reports, I straight away thought that the headset was broken - it was sounding very muffled and distorted. A new headset was needed. We had to delay the boarding till an engineer brought in a replacement. Meanwhile, I decided to try the other pilot's headset. Oh crap I said, this one sounds broken too! Thats when it dawned on me and I started smiling. The other pilot looked at me confused. I told him it must be my hearing today but in my mind I finally realised that everything sounds broken in comparison to Stax. The new headset came and I pretended it sounded a lot better. We were finally on our way.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2018
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  14. indrakula
    I tried to upload again, pls. let me knwo if you can see the photos ?
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2018
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  15. buzzlulu

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