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The Pono Player Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by depaor, Oct 4, 2014.
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  1. hullubullu
    Thanks for the heads-up! This is good to know.
  2. yangian
    Thank you very much!
  3. barondla
    Peel off the green McNair sticker and there is a Samsung battery underneath. The battery isn't available anywhere with the wire harness. The actual battery (minus harness) is used in many vaping machines. The original wire harness must be saved and reused.

    A Pono owner posted a how to. I will have to search for it. Didn't look complicated or too difficult.
  4. harpo1
    You can buy new wraps for the battery and use a blow dryer to shrink it back down after you solder the original circuit to the new battery.
  5. maira
    Is there a aftermarket USB cable fitting the Pono?
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2019
  6. Left Channel
    Any "micro USB" 2.0 cable will do. The original has a male USB A male plug on the other end, for connection to the included charging adapter or a computer USB port.
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  7. Venture Guy
    If there are any diehard Pono fans out there that are looking for backup units, I have a couple that are New-In-Box... PM me if you are interested :)
  8. ruthieandjohn
    Just bought a Pono and I’m loving it.

    However, it has engendered a “little blue light” fixation. The one tune that was on it when I bought it as a NIB unit was Neil Young’s “There’s A World” from his Harvest album. It turns on a little blue light on the player, which indicates that the song has come from the Pono Music Store.

    The Pono Music Store, now gone, was described as offering the highest-bit-rate FLAC available for its songs, and apparently there was a bit in the header that showed that the song came from the Pono store and turned on the blue light to assure that the file was indeed the highest-res FLAC available.

    Despite trials on lots of hi-res files of various formats, including FLAC, I cannot get that blue light to turn on for any other songs.

    Any ideas how to get files that turn it on?

  9. L8MDL
    You'll need to find files that were purchased from the Pono store.
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  10. silverfishla
    There’s a way to do it by adding information in the metadata... but I never learned how, because it didn’t interest me at the time. The old Pono forums had that info. Maybe someone here can point you to that info.
  11. Left Channel
    @ruthieandjohn someone wrote a little app that will add the blue light tag to your meta data. If anyone can still share or point you to the app (or explain what it does), they'd be on the RESono Community forum set up by diehard Pono users to replace official and dearly departed Pono Community. That's the best place to ask your question. I recommend you request an invite here: https://ponotrial.onsocialengine.com/
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  12. BIG666
    https://github.com/eehmke/flactag :)
  13. udesign48
  14. jgriffter

    Thanks for the link on Github for the Pono light activation.

    I hope someone who has installed this already can help. I went to Github and got the files, and installed three of the four steps in the install.txt file without problem. Unfortunately, one of the steps, "port install py27-flac" reported back "not found". I did a port search on MacPorts to see if I could find it but no luck. Also inspected the GitHub files and cannot find it. I am not a pro at this by any means - could someone offer any help? Thanks!

  15. ruthieandjohn
    I just put a 400GB microSD card into the expansion slot, spec'ed at 128gb. Pono built the database and now I have over 9,000 songs. Looks like 128 GB is not a limit on that expansion slot! YAYY!
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