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The Pono Player Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by depaor, Oct 4, 2014.
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  1. dannyvstheworld
    I remember the first time I loaded up the memory card it did take a long time to scan it, but just for the first time. However the file transfer speed is really slow. I have a Sony A15 which also transfers data extremely slow, so I guess it’s probably normal for DAP those days.

    You have to keep in mind that this DAP came in a time when iPod is dying and smartphones is taking the place of every portable audio device. No one would have thought that people would start buying DAPs again, and you have to give credit to Pono for bringing the idea of Hi Res music on the go to the public.

    I still listen to my Pono once or twice a week, not for nostalgia, but because it still sound good, especially on balanced mode with dynamic IEMs. The sound quality is not as good as my H2 or Mojo, but I feel it on par with my AK70, though not as good with BA IEMs due to the high noise floor. But the sound is musical, and engaging. I remember Tyll has said once and I agree, that it’s really engaging that you can’t use it for background music cos you can’t focus on anything else when the music is playing.

    Of course I don’t recommend buying it now because there’re so many better options out there with better technicality, lower noise floor and better UI; besides the dual 3.5mm balanced output is getting obsolete. But I’m keeping it for the musical sound. And if you’ve bought it brand new, it’s true that it does sound better once burnt in.
  2. udesign48
    Well, I can't even transfer music to Pono's internal storage because it's way too slow.
    Even after all that, you'll still find people who defend products like this on head-fi.
    As I have said, it can't update firmware properly. It takes forever to do that. How is this normal? This clearly isn't.
    I'm afraid to turn this player off because of its "Scanning music library..." that takes 30 minutes.

    Neil Young fans seem to be ok with all of these problems lol
    They will do anything Neil Young tells them to do.
  3. yangian
    I do have Pioneer DP30R, which is equivalent to DPS1 I think. But I was not impressed on the change of balanced mode and normal mode of Pioneer with B400, but it shocked me from the change on Pono. But I didn't do extensive A/B. BTW, what I played is DSD files.
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  4. yangian
    I agree it's not wise to buy Pono now. I bought at $120 new. I want to buy another one at such a price if there was an opportunity. :)
    But I never have such a slow problem. You device must be defected.
  5. maira
    I have the problem that the player stucks while scanning SD card. But none of the other problems... .
  6. udesign48
    Pono Player review

    "Scanning music library..."

    "Scanning music library..."

    "Scanning music library..."

    Firmware / OS
    "Updating firmware to 1.0.6..."

    PonoMusic World
    "This version of PonoMusic World has timed out"


  7. udesign48
  8. Left Channel
    @udesign48 let's take a moment to chill here. Yes we're all bummed that Neil Young abandoned Pono just like he got tired of his wife. But your player is broken and probably requires a hardware repair. And you seem to be missing other important information available in this thread and other forums.

    JRiver baked expiration dates into each PMW release, so it officially no longer works and you shouldn't be trying to use it. (Also, it was a horribly buggy, poorly designed, unfinished, unsupported, crippled version of their main release and contributed to Pono's many challenges, so hey I wouldn't pay more to JRiver either). The replacement app from Pono, PonoMusicVault, does still work but it is absolutely unnecessary for updates or any other purpose. We are all now using other apps or simple drag-and-drop.

    Your player is broken and not a reflection of all the good work Charles Hansen (may he rest in peace), Phil Baker, and the rest of the Pono development team put into this odd but innovative little player. It still may be possible to get it repaired, but I hardly use mine anymore and you'll clearly never be happy with yours, so I suggest you try to get your money back if you can.
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  9. Koukol
    With all the bashing Neil got I'm not surprised he "abandoned" the Pono.
    I'm sick and tired, myself, of being labelled a "Neil fan" for enjoying one.

    Fiio has also "abandoned" my X5ii.
    Life goes on.
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  10. maira
    I still like my Pono Player. I like the form factor too. :)
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  11. Left Channel
    Speak of the devil. I just received this e-mail from Neil Young via Warner Reprise:


    Neil Young Archives – Hi-Res Time Machine

    Hello Neil Young Fan!

    Thank you for your interest in the Neil Young Archives, a place for people who enjoy my music.

    Unlimited subscriptions and the iOS app are finally here! Android coming.

    NYA is constantly living, breathing and growing; it’s never going to be complete because we are always finding new material to share with you. NYA is a Music Archive and Time Machine.

    We like building things. This is a life’s work. It will never be finished.

    The sound here is the best digital sound on the Planet Earth, and we stream everything I have ever released through “Xstream by NYA.” It’s incredible - the highest resolution digital from your computer, phone and tablet. We even tell you how to get the best results from your devices.

    Many more new things are coming from the vaults! You’ll hear them all here at NYA first.

    We give you all kinds of archival materials associated with every recording we have: music, movies, videos, books, photographs, manuscripts, press notes.

    We are digital. We sell my Hi-Res downloads at Low-Res prices. No kidding.

    For analog heads, we make great vinyl and are working to help you to get every record you want to buy by connecting you to your nearest record stores. You can support them in their resurgence! Vinyl sounds amazing!

    When I do my NYA concerts, NYA members get the best seats available in the house. We pre-sell to NYA subscribers/members directly from NYA.

    Thanks for listening,


    The Guardian
    calls NYA, “A revolution in fandom” and “The first groundbreaking yoking of technology to archival content in more than 30 years.”

    Unlimited Subscription: $1.99/month, $19.99/year
    • Neil Young Archives Hi-Res App where you can play all of Neil’s music and videos, navigate the timeline and read the Times-Contrarian. (iOS available now/Android coming)
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    • Full access to the Hearse Theater – featuring Shakey Pictures movies, rare live performances and videos
    • Playlists
    • NYA TIMES CONTRARIAN daily newspaper – “Quality Whether You Want It or Not” – Ever wonder how a publication would read if Neil Young was the editor? This is his news outlet.
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    Free Subscription
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    • Browse info cards (photos, art, documents, memorabilia, press)
    • Experience Xstream by NYA
    • NYA TIMES CONTRARIAN daily newspaper – “Quality Whether You Want It or Not” – Ever wonder how a publication would read if Neil Young was the editor? This is his news outlet.
      • All NYA music news
      • Letters to the editor
      • World News Viewpoint
      • Lincvolt series updates
    • Hi-res downloads at low-res prices



    Here is some feedback we’ve received:

    Hi All, Hey Neil!
    I'd like to provide some positive feedback for all your dedicated efforts. I've been using the Archives since they opened and have been consistently thrilled and awed by the treasure trove of quality and quantity overflowing within. Being given the freedom to explore the catalog in such high fidelity has directly led me to purchasing vinyl albums—both new reissues and vintage—that have been absolutely thrilling listening experiences.
    The Times Contrarian newspaper is equally delightful and insightful. The recent articles and videos from the Harvest era are exceptionally Rad.
    Whenever the subscription model is ready, I'm all in. I'll lay that cash on the barrelhead son, as that old song goes. Thanks for all the magic, thanks for all the songs, keep on rockin' in the free world...

    This isn't a question—just an expression of gratitude. Neil is my favourite artist, but what I also love about him is how much of an innovator and enthusiast he is for other projects, music-related or not. Age or financial concerns have never dampened his ability to do groundbreaking work.
    This website has blown me away, and Neil's passion and genius comes through at every level. He is an inspiration in every way and I am so grateful for him and his team for putting his music out there in this way (as well as all the ephemera).
    Thank you Neil and thank you everyone involved in this project. As soon as it becomes a subscription service, I'll be a lifetime subscriber.

    Thanks to Warner Bros for sending out this letter for us, and thanks to all my friends at Warner Reprise.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2018
  12. Koukol
    I will admit... Neil knows how to hype. :)
  13. barondla
    @udesign48 as many have mentioned your player is defective. Many daps have no internal memory for song storage. The Pono's 64gb is small enough that many owners don't use it at all. As mentioned before I use a 400gb card and leave the internal memory free. The 1st library scan of the 400gb card filled to approx. 200gb took about 5 minutes. If memory cards aren't changed out, the Pono keeps most of the info in memory. Each time I turn the Pono on it takes about 15 seconds to library scan. Get a big card and leave it be. If your Pono works differently, it is broken.

    Slow firmware update is manageable pain. There won't be new updates. Bite the bullet and the take the time to update firmware. Even if it takes 3 hours. It won't ever have to be updated again.

    People are willing to make these sacrifices for the sound quality Pono serves up (with compatible earphones). This is a true sports car. Stiff suspension, no air conditioning, and hard clutch. It is for listeners. It was never designed to be a Swiss army knife digital solution.
  14. surfratt
    What is the latest firmware? My version is v1.0.6. If there is a later version, can you link it with instructions to install? Just pulled it out after a long hiatus. Going to try my Phantoms via balanced. Have other daps, but the Pono always has a spot in my heart (balanced).
  15. alpha421
    I'm afraid that is and will always be the latest (v1.0.6)
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