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The Official Sennheiser IE800S thread!

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  1. Dobrescu George
    Yes, I have been wearing them over the ear as well, no issues as far as I can tell
  2. cfc7
  3. Marshall95
    Has anyone tried the AKG N5005? If yes, how does the IE800s compare to it? I'm having a hard time choosing between the two. I listen to Hip-hop, classical music, rock, so I dont have a favourite genre. Sound is my main priority.
  4. ropie
    I haven't heard the AKG's
    My guess is they will be pretty good as well
    Normally you can't go wrong with either the AKG's or the Sennheisers

    Mostly it will come down to how they fit in your ears.
    And there is only one way to find that out

    It will be difficult to find a shop that sells both to compare?
  5. BiggieBig
    They both good but if you read the previous thread you should see some comparisons.

    I would recommend the N5005 I’ve had both but these are better on the lows. Also you get 3 filters so can change to suite genre or taste.
  6. Shinobi70
    I actually started wearing them over ear. It's more comfortable and what is more important: I've noticed a slight change in sound when I used to wear them in a "normal" way: when sitting up or standing/walking just slightly veils the whole sound as oppose to when laying down. So wearing them over ear cancels out this glitch for me. But of course it depends on your own ear canals shape and size and the tip you're using.

    I went with the silicone tips. Comply in just too bass heavy for me.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2019
  7. tracyca
    The OG Pico Slim is a wonderful amp for the ie800s.
  8. lesale08
    So after parting with the original ie800 in 2015, I decided to try the IE800S which I found a very very good deal to pass on. I missed their very miniscule design compared to recent releases from other manufacturers. Now listening very extensively and I can say I still love the fun sound factor.
    subguy812 and SteveOliver like this.
  9. tracyca
    I was going through my old stash of potable amps and dusted off the cypher labs duet and plug in the ie800s, YES this combo is great the highs are crispy and bass is fast hitting! Playing straight from my note 8.
  10. amatueraudio
    so is the ie800s such a huge improvement and not a disappointment to it's predecessor? as the standard ie80 is better than the ie80s?
  11. joshnor713
    As an owner of both, I'd say it's a side-grade (as opposed to an upgrade). I think of it as a different take on the IE800, rather than an upgrade (that's just me). It dials down the peaky high and what some considered too prominent sub-bass. The mids aren't so pushed back as a result (more U-shaped now than V-shaped before). In other words, a more balanced out sound.

    Whether the changes are better is up to you. I can see either way. Taming back the upper treble helps fatigue significantly but took away a big shining quality that the IE 800 offered against most others. The original IE 800 no doubt sounded crispier. But I always felt the mids on the original sounded confined. They have room to breathe now, like they should.

    A game of give and take. Hope this helps.
  12. amatueraudio
    so it might be more balanced sound, but how do they sound, in overall? do they sound enjoyable? I know sometimes it's nicer to have a really balanced sound, but generally they should sound good too, and not too neutral?
  13. subguy812
    They are certainly not neutral. I enjoy the sound of the IE800S. The bass has a nice punch and extends well without impeding the other frequencies. I find the treble to be smooth and non-offensive. The mids are not forward or in your face. Overall, it feel the signature blends well together.
  14. lesale08
    Totally agree on this. One of the most natural and fun sounding iems out there.
  15. joshnor713
    They of course sound fantastic. But I've always felt (both versions) that there's some energy and fullness missing. Can't quite put my finger on what it is. For me, they're more analytical than for rockin'/meaty enjoyment you can get from some others.

    These are pretty distinct. If you highly value superb clarity, separation, extension, dynamics, then these should be on your short list. But if you also really value a big, full, lively sound, than might not be the best option. Personally, I love these in my collection, but wouldn't want them as my only earphone.
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