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I was handed down my SR325is in June. I modded to add balanced sockets and punched out two holes in the backing felt.

Since then these have been my go to phones unless I really need to isolate with closed backs (Elegias and LCD-XC).


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I used to have the old Golden Grado SR325i and to this day I still regret selling them. Grado SR325 is and has always been a truly special headphone.
Today, I have the first original and hard to find metal SR325 and the latest edition the 325x. Both of them are pure listening pleasure. I had to replace the pads on the original 325 with Sennheiser HD414 pads but otherwise still in super good shape. I might have to add the Golden and chrome 325's to the collection one day :)

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WOW :scream: 4 beauties... Now you just need the 325x to make the collection complete.
There surely is an evolution from the original 325 to the 325x. The x does sound more mature and technically superior. But still, there is such an effortless free flow in the music in the original 325. The 325's are special indeed!
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I own 1,2,3 gen
Must buy the new X one day and 1 gen with olds cups

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