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  1. Vinwan
    Entering the sixth week of my a12t build, their estimation build time was too optimistic.
  2. CalmConfused
    Tomorrow's the end of the 5th week for me (haven't made it beyond 2 rounds of shell-print/process) . Being completely honest, I'm pretty bummed. At this point I wonder will it be another day, week, month, 2 months? Haven't heard anything, might reach out in a couple days if I don't hear from them.

    Do I just pony up and buy the a18t? That feels like enabling the problem (bit of an extreme).
  3. Vinwan
    Agree, i trust 64 audio but i hope to hear a clear explanation.
  4. RobertP
    Do not worry. It's been 5 weeks and my A18t is still in assemble stage. They are getting lot of orders.
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  5. Wyville
    Indeed, I expect it has been an extremely busy time, with Black Friday, the holiday season and the new releases. It is nothing unusual for (C)IEMs to be delayed as they are custom items and not mass produced. 64 Audio is not a huge company and their employees will also have appreciated some time with their families over the holidays.
  6. CalmConfused
    Oof, that's disappointing and reassuring at the same time .

    I have confidence/trust that they're doing everything they can. It's unfortunate my wife and I ordered the same day (she ordered a6's) and she's had hers for almost 2 weeks. I understand they're custom and it takes time, I was bouncing off the walls excited/enthusiastic, but 5 weeks later (6 weeks since order) I'm much closer to despair. It took 2 weeks for hers to move from assembled --> shipped. I can only assume, it's going to be another 2 weeks after we make it through assembly (which thus far has taken 5 weeks).
  7. Vinwan
    I can understand this is a hard time during holiday season, but the a12t build time on order website still remain 5-6weeks, I cannot expect it may take over 8 weeks.
  8. wldcohso
    I believe the indicated it could take an additional 3 weeks for build time. Yes, they’re small personnel wise but they brining in a lot of money when charging 3+ for a product... seasonal workers maybe lol
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  9. CalmConfused
    Is this "just known" (often they take 60% longer than estimated)?
    Because 8 weeks for a 4-5 week "estimate" seems crazy.

    I realize their FAQs say "this is just a rough estimate" (which feels like a catch-all for "it might take us longer" based on how we prioritize it). Is this "up-in-the-air" delivery timeframe common amongst other brands (Ultimate Ears, JH, Empire Ears, etc)?

    I wish I had a clue when they going to be done. "A few more days", "another week", "another month"?
  10. eldss
    I think the time of the year has some to do w/ it. I've had experience w/ other CIEM manufacturers taking longer with deliveries after Black Friday. My experience w/ 64 in the past has been pretty spot on w/ their estimated time frames though.
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  11. Wyville
    To be honest, 8 weeks is not at all bad for a custom product at this time of the year. Did you take into account the holidays?

    As far as I am concerned it is more important for the customer that they take their time to ensure the product fully lives up to expectation. In the end a few weeks makes little difference when you can enjoy them for years to come.
  12. CalmConfused
    8 weeks is not at all horrible. And no, I didn't take into account the holiday. I trusted that their "estimated build timeline" communicated via purchase-confirmation (not the one on the website) is accurate. It showed to be accurate (even "long") for my wife's. I don't think it's unreasonable to assume what's communicated is true.

    I realize estimates are hard, but why would I not trust their estimate? I agree, I'd much prefer they take the time to build the product they sell (that lives up to the expectation). The root of my concern/frustration is the lack of communication and lack of an updated estimate. Sure, you missed the estimate (or are projected to miss the estimate); what's your new estimate?

    I write software for a living, I realize estimates are hard and quite often are missed. But if my response was "it's software, it's hard, it'll be done when it's done" (let alone made people come to me for those updates) I wouldn't have a job.
  13. pfurey89
    I'm going to be doing a refit on my a18t. The left side is a tiny bit too high inside of my ear canal, and presses on some cartilage in my ear a bit uncomfortably. Will report back on the process, but so far, 64 is a pleasure as always. Love these guys.
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  14. Wyville
    The way I see it is that a company such as 64 Audio is "boutique" and that differs from "high street". So when I bought my first CIEMs (from a different company) I followed what the company was involved in and for instance realised that Canjam Singapore would cause delays. I didn't have a problem with that at all. I like that it is unlike a high street company, as it makes it a more personal experience and I built up a great relationship with the company. That said, I do feel communication is important at those times.

    Of course I can appreciate that we all have different expectations, and I simply share my views because I think it can make the experience a bit less frustrating (I fully emphatise with the frustration of having to wait for something you are really looking forward to). :wink:
  15. CalmConfused
    Fair point, I'd been looking into 64 Audio for the better part of a year, but I didn't do similar research as you mention. My expectations may have been unrealistic. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Only time will tell. :confused: Continues trying to wait patiently.
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