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  1. tim0chan
    i personally liked the lionheart with the a18. Also i believe twister6 does too
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  2. hattrick15
    I like the Lionheart a lot with my A18. It is my preferred cable with that earphone.

    I see that some people here are interested in the Ares II+. I’m selling mine. Like new condition. Just PM me if interested.
  3. KowalskiFUT
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  4. fuhransahis
    Ok then for final production u12t is gray/silver and Trio is black, as per the official website.
  5. jessnie
    Do you mind elaborating a bit as how does lionhear sound to you and compare with other "popular" cables?
  6. jessnie
    Hey man, how would you compare lionheart with Ares II+?
  7. tim0chan
    I feel that tge lionheart is a better version of the ares 2 with less bass emphasis, better technical performance, and imo more emotional presentaion. Plus, ergonomics are much better
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  8. jessnie
    Thanks for sharing the experience! Will Lionheart further boost the treble of A18 and make it more bright?
  9. tim0chan
    no, its pretty smooth
  10. eldss
    If you want brighter maybe the Forte is a better option
  11. hattrick15
    I agree that Ares II+ has more bass and is not as transparent as the Lionheart. It is a thicker cable than the Lionheart, but the ergonomics of the Ares II+ is still very good. The Lionheart is a better cable, but it is more than 2X the cost of the Ares II+. So, I'd recommend the Lionheart if you can afford it, but the Ares II+ is a really nice cable at a much lower price point.
  12. productred
    From what @jessnie is saying it seems more brightness is not something he/she wanted

    Lionheart slightly boosts mid-hi which may result in a tiny bit brighter sound than stock, but it is not something disturbing. From my own trial of the Lionheart with the U18, I unfortunately found the pairing brought little to none sonical improvements that I decided to move on. On the other hand, I found the Leonidas smoothens the frequency response (without boosting the mid-hi or presence range) such that you may enjoy the monstrous high and ultra high extensions of U18 with zero fatigue.

    Caveat: cables are much more niche than the earphones themselves. Don't trust too much what others say on them (me included). Some very seasoned head-fiers still maintain cables make no change to the sound quality, and while I would not take that extreme view, I do maintain that COSTLY cables with X mixed with Y coated with Z precious metals does NOT mean the sound will become better or, well, more precious lol. Must try it out yourself with your own earphones to find out what works for you.
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  13. jessnie
    quite opposite, I think the A18 is bright enough, a tad too bright for my ears under Ares II, so knowing that Lionheart does not further brighten the sound is relieving:)
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  14. jessnie
    Very well said man, really appreciate your insights! I agree as currently I'm kinda in the dark searching for the "ideal" cable to pair with my A18 by reading other people's comments (although I try to read as much as I possibly can attempting to finally arrive at a relatively unbiased opinion), knowing that people using different DAP, having different taste and benchmarks. The ability to test all those cables out will be a dream. I'm currently contacting MS to see if they are able to ship some demo cables over to the states....
  15. PinkyPowers
    It sounds like what you really want is the Ares II Plus

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