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  1. jscmd2000
    Do yourself a favor and send your concern via email to My experience with them has been absolutely phenomenal and you will too, I am sure. They treat their customers like no other companies that I have experienced. Sounds like they had an unexpected amount of orders over the holidays, especially from the black friday sale.
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  2. Wyville
    Once you get them in, it will all feel like it was worth it! Until that time it will be hell, and it will take too long, and why are they not here yet, and I wish it was next week, and...:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Just try to enjoy the anticipation. I am on holiday and know there is a parcel waiting for me at home... pure torture! :sweat_smile:
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  3. eldss
    I still remember my first pair of customs. They took forever and when they finally delivered, I had just gone on a three week vacation. It sucked.
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  4. CalmConfused
    Great point! Can't expect them to deliver on customer service, if you don't give them a chance! I sent an email (just looking for updates).

    Isn't that the worst?

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  5. Wyville
    Haha! So true! :sweat_smile:
  6. pfurey89
    Yeah, I rushed my a18t and they made it a day before my planned Christmas trip to see family. So thankful for that option, and I'm still in shock they were able to pull that off for me.
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  7. Drewligarchy
    Unless you are experiencing pain, I would wait.

    You'd be surprised how much your ears adjust. Both my CIEMS were very tight with the left ear feeling like something was protruding. 3 weeks later, I don't even feel them when they are in at all. Since you have a full month for refits - If you have the time I would give it longer.

    Again, unless there is pain.
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  8. dthong
    Just got my A18t and pairing it with either a Fiio X7ii or Chord Mojo via PlusSound Exo Copper.. no regrets upgrading from the A12t whatsoever.

    So far, not hearing a lot of difference between the PS Exo and the Ares II that I have.
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  9. pfurey89
    There is pain on removal. Sometimes while wearing. I waited a week and it’s still there. Any downsides to a refit?
  10. Drewligarchy
    Only the back and forth. I've also found that sometimes when something starts to fit, something else doesn't fit - everything seems very connected.

    My UE 18 I got refitted 3 times cause something new kept popping up. I fought the urge to get these refit. After 1 week they still weren't completely comfortable, nor completely comfortable after 2 weeks but better. It wasn't until 3 weeks that they fit absolutely perfectly.

    Just giving you my experience - you may need a refit as I dont know the actual issue. My audiologist kept telling me not to - I waited - and she was right. They fit absolutely perfectly now.
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  11. pfurey89
    Very interesting, hope I didn’t make a mistake.
  12. jessnie
    Received my A18t last Friday. It's my first CIEM, and during the first 2 or 3 wears (30-40 minutes each), I also felt a little bit uncomfortable in my left ears due to a tight fitting. But after a couple of days the tight feeling did seem to go away gradually. Too early to say if they will be gone completely soon, and I'll report back how it goes. I would suggest give it a few more days until you send them back for refit. I also find it helpful by slightly adjusting the positions of the CIEM in your ears to find their "sweet spot" in your ears so that you won't have any of them on in a suboptimal position which will build up discomfort with your wearing time.
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  13. Drewligarchy
    I wouldn't worry that you made a mistake if you sent them back already. If they correct the issue - just keep in mind that it can become significantly more comfortable throughout the first month until its a perfect fit. There are certain things that won't fix themselves, and there are certain things that will. You'd be surprised how much your ears can accommodate.

    The biggest thing to me is getting a good seal. If I get that with some discomfort I'll wait. If you aren't getting a good seal, you should get them refit.

    I think this guide from THL explains the difference between pain & discomfort and what will and won't resolve itself:
  14. jrbgarcia
    You guys should really try cable brands outside of effect audio. Plenty more out there that are better and cheaper. Plussound, hansound, PWAudio to name a few.
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  15. Omega139
    Hey guys, I just got a tia fourte with a leonidas cable. I love them, but I was just curious if anyone had any tips for turning down that treble just a hair bit?
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