tia fourte
  1. noper

    (SOLD) FS: 64 Audio Tia Fourte

    The 64 Audio Fourte is a legend. You can read about it here: https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/64-audio-1964-ears-tia-fourte.22129/reviews#review-22234 For sale is the pair reviewed by PinkyPowers. Yes, these are the exact earphones from the above review. To my ears, no other IEM comes close...
  2. Blumental

    Selling 64 Audio- Tia Fourté (sealed box)

    Hi there Selling brand new Tia Fourté; bought directly from 64 Audio at CanJam in London last year. Ended up buying A12t customs, and never opened the box. Happy to ship anywhere at your cost. List price here in the UK is £3100 - but they are actually currently out of stock. Pls let me...
  3. Lewis Li

    FS:Tia fourté IEM 「SOLD」

    I am helping my friend to sell his high-end IEM, the Tia Fourté All accessories included and original boxes, mint condition It also contains a high-end dhc upgraded copper occ cable, which is $150. (Or if you don't want the cable, the IEM can be $2000 but not including pp fee)
  4. Libr4

    [SOLD] campfire Andromeda S (FS)

    I am selling a very good condition bass tuned variant of the CFA Andromeda. - shipping included
  5. Acemcl

    [SOLD] : FS: Tia Fourte like new

    Need to downsize my audio collection and this is not getting enough listen time because of my Phantom IEM's. Happy to send additional photos if required
  6. Zhanming057

    SOLD: Tia Fourte w/ upgrade cable - $2,475

    ALL SOLD I've got the following two headphones for sale: -[Sold] Focal Utopia. Cosmetic condition-wise I would rate it as a 9. There's one scruff on the plastic housing on one side. Everything else is like new. Comes with the original box, cable, Focal's travel case, and a custom-built 5ft...
  7. AEIOU9

    SOLD: 64 Audio TIA Fourte

    Item was purchased from the original owner unopened so I am the second owner but first user. The original owner purchased the IEMs back in January 2018 so there is some warranty remaining. Price includes shipping to the continental US and PayPal fees.
  8. zuber

    **SOLD** Tia Fourte

    64 Audio - Tia Fourte for sale. These are B-stock, bought at CanJam London 2018. Perfect condition. Box with all accessories included. PM me if you are interested. Thanks,
  9. EZE99

    Like New Universal 64 Audio Tia Fourte

    Like New Universal 64 Audio tia Fourte for sale. Listened to enough to be burned in. Comes with original packaging and all accessories. No scratches. Beautiful headphones, but have decided to keep the 64 Audio U18 Tzar instead. Paypal fees included in price, you pay for shipping. Paypal Only
  10. Zhanming057

    [FOUND]: 64 audio Tia Fourte

    Change of heart, figure I'd go for the Tia Fourte if anyone is willing to part with theirs. Preferably US sale, not offering trades and looking for a straight sale. If you're willing to let yours go, shoot me a PM!
  11. aaf evo

    [FS/WTT] - 64 Audio Tia Fourte - SOLD

    Mint condition Tia Fourte - I am the original owner. Received mid December 2017 directly from 64 audio. Comes with the original box and all accessories, all tips are unused and the cable probably has had about a week or two of use on it so it's in pristine condition. I'm looking for cash...
  12. muffin9988

    [SOLD] Mint Condition 64 Audio tia Fourte

    SOLD Posting my 64 Audio tia Fourte's for sale today - while these are the best IEMs I've personally ever heard, my new work environment allows me more space/quiet so I want to free up some cash to set up a desktop rig plus headphones. The IEMs are in mint condition, I purchased them in...
  13. Dingding123


  14. 64Audio

    The Official 64 Audio Thread | apex & tia Technologies

    We here at 64 Audio wanted to start a fresh thread for continuing discussion about our current and future products and plans. A lot has happened over the past year! We successfully delivered over a thousand Kickstarter A-Series and U-Series products to our backers, changed our name from 1964...