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  1. J

    For sale: 64 Audio A4 Universal

    Hi all, I have for sale a pair of 64 Audio A4 IEM's. They have a great sound, and coupled with the Apex technology, I can fully recommend them. Ebay listing: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/383564825006 If you want to skip ebay fees, please message me and we can work something out. Best regards, Andy
  2. iBo0m

    [WTB] CA Andromeda v3 / 2020.

    Hi, let me know if you have one for sale in a decent condition. Thanks.
  3. aaf evo

    [FS] - 64 Audio A18t CIEMs

    For sale are my 64 Audio A18t CIEMs. I'm the original owner, I've had these for just over one year. Comes with all original packaging and accessories as if you were to buy it brand new. You can get them reshelled from many companies. PM me offers.
  4. iBo0m

    FS/FT: 64 audio u4t (a4t)

    Up for sale is a special (demo) version of 64 audio a4t (u4t), which are made for audio shows/tours. Shells are the same (material = aluminium, size) as standard universals u12t, u18t, … . These can’t be purchased on the regular basis, but the drivers configuration is exactly the same as a4t...
  5. Vitaly2017

    SOLD Plussound Gold Plated Silver SOLD

    Hi selling my one month and half old Cable. It is in mint condition and as new. Its a 2 pin connector for iem with a termination of 4.4mm balanced. It has 1.5m length This is the 4 wires version. It has beautiful sound properties with a touche of warmth and smooth treble notes. Bass is more...
  6. cr3ativ3

    changed my mind , please delete

    changed my mind , please delete
  7. honeyjjack

    A18t + brise upg001 ref8

    64 audio a18t ciems with brise upg001 ref 8 wire cables (i found these cables the best for the a18t) Im valuing the a18t as 1500 and cables as 700usd. For a total of 2200usd. (2000usd if bought together within the week) I can sell the cables separately first but wont sell iems without selling...
  8. yfei

    [Sold] 64 Audio A12 Universal and Bonus sets of modules and extras

    64 Audio A12 CIEM been converted to Universal. Great sounding IEM, I don't notice sound difference after converted from custom A12 to universal. Universal gives a lot of flexibility on tweaking the sound by tip rolling, and sharing with other people. And this IEM is compatible with both ADEL...
  9. ElecHires

    [CLOSE]⭐64 audio U12t or A12t depend of price⭐

    Want to buy a set of U12t from 64 audio pm me if want to sale yours.
  10. zlyboss

    Which IEMs? 64 Audio A12t or UE 18+?

    Hi guys, I finally saved enough money and decide to get an IEM as my final final endgame. And I am wondering between 64 Audio A12t and UE 18+ 3rd Gen. I love my K3003's clean sound and also SE535's warmth to the mid-range performance, not a big fan of bass. My genres of music would be pop...
  11. KuroKitsu

    (SOLD) [FS] 64 Audio u12t

    Hi All, Up for sale is the 64 Audio u12t in excellent conditon. Bought in December 2019, all original packaging and accesories are included. Can also included the PW Audio Saladin that I have paired with it for an additional $200. Price includes shipping via Canada Post and PP Fees.
  12. horatiu

    [WTB] 64 Audio premium cable, 2.5mm balanced, 2 pin

    Hi, Does anyone have a spare 64 Audio premium cable, 2.5mm balanced, 2 pin? I am in the UK. Thanks!
  13. Medikill

    *SOLD* 64 Audio Tia Trio + Alo Audio Reference 8 + Extras

    SOLD Best IEMs I've ever listened to (and i've had a lot of TOTL), unfortunately due to my line of work, i barely have any time to use them The ALO cable is basically brand new - reference 8 cable 4.4mm 2 pin The 3.5mm cable has be re-terminated to 2.5mm balanced, but i have included a free...
  14. H

    WTB Upgrade 2-pin cable for 64 audio U12

    I picked up a U12 on a very good discount but it’s one of the older models (that does not come with the premium 64 audio cable). I’m interested in picking up there premium cable or some other kind of upgrade cable if someone out there can offer a deal. I really like the ref 8 cable with my...
  15. EndGameSearch


  16. rantng

    SOLD - FS - 64 Audio A6t

    Purchased from the original owner with the intention to reshell, but I actually have too many IEMs. 64Audio only performs reshells for the original owner. I've confirmed with itsfitlab (https://itsfitlab.com/reshell/) they will reshell the A6t w/a basic design for $200, which is a great price...
  17. Sleaney

    For sale: 64 Audio A6T

    Selling my 64 Audio A6T's. -Redwood Burl faceplates Purchased mid-last year directly from 64 Audio. Price includes shipping to 64 Audio and manufacturer reshell, and shipping to buyer. All manufacturer accessories included: -hardshell case -48" black cable -cleaning tool Everything in...
  18. KuroKitsu

    [FS] 64 Audio A6t(Sold) /A3 (w/ M20 Apex)

    A6t is Sold. A3 still available! Hi All, up for sale is a 64 Audio A6t at $300 USD that I've owed for half a year. I've all but stopped using in favour of a series of universals and settled with u12t. It comes with the Apex M20 Modules, case, cleaning tool, clip and dessicant. The stock cable...
  19. CrocodileDundee

    Noble Audio Tux5 (Almost new)

    Selling my almost new Tux5 (1 month old) as this one has a sound signature similar to my Custom and I can't sell my custom. Tux5 (1DD 4BA) is one of the newest additions to Noble's line up and uses the same drivers as the Khan, but without the Stat driver, so no sparkling highs, instead a...
  20. O

    [WTS] 64 Audio Tia Fourte Noir

    64 Audio Tia Fourte Noir for sale in excellent condition, as new. With balanced cable and 2.5 to 3.5 extension cable. Box included and all box content included. Pictures coming in tonight.
  21. royneo

    FS: Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote - free shipping worldwide [Price Dropped!]

    Hi all, I'm selling a good-condition Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote, bought on 26th Mar 2019. I would rate the IEM at 9/10. There are no scratches, blemishes on the IEM. This Xelento comes with full original packaging and accessories as pictured. This includes foam and silicon tips of varying...
  22. Mike Dias


    Vitaliy Belonozhko — the founder of 64 Audio — on design, inspiration, and balance. An inside look into the visions and concepts behind the products. THE FOUNDER'S PHILOSOPHY What keeps you motivated? Where does that relentless drive come from? I’m always in pursuit of better quality...
  23. 64Audio

    64 Audio Trió 30% Off

    Hi Head-Fi Family! We're noticing more chatter on Head-Fi about the tia Trió lately. Those that have listened to it seem to have recognized it's quite a unique earphone among our lineup. It's got that airy 3D sound the Fourté is known for, but with what is best described as a more musical...
  24. Erfan Elahi

    WTB: 64 Audio U18t

    Shoot me your offer with your 64 Audio U18t First owner with proof of purchase are first preferences. UPDATE: FOUND BGVP EST12 Still looking for U18t
  25. zachawry

    SOLD 64 Audio Forte Noir IEMs

    NO LONGER FOR SALE Like new. These are amazing iems in perfect condition—I’ve just decided to go the custom route instead. Asking price $2800.