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  1. 64Audio

    In-Ear Monitor Maintenance | 64 Audio

    We recently updated our maintenance educational resources. These cleaning steps and tricks can be helpful whether you're using our products or not. This video is a quick and easy way to get the basics. We've also published a blog that goes into much more detail, and a downloadable pdf guide to...
  2. 64Audio

    Extremely Limited 64 Audio x iFi Audio collaboration for Robb Report

    We're honored to be a part of Robb Report's Ultimate Gift Guide along with iFi Audio. A State-of-the-Art Portable Audio System—Custom-Made Just for Your Ears. A18t Custom In-Ear Monitors, Grey Premium SPC IPX/4.4mm cable, and a special iFi iDSD Diablo 2 comprise this limited collaborative...
  3. TaronL

    Black Friday Deals - Headphones.com

    It's that time of the year again and savings have returned to Headphones.com! Shop Black Friday Sales Black Friday Highlights Save 20% on Focal (Ends November 30th) Save 20% on 64 Audio Universal IEMs Save 20% on Empire Ears IEMs Save 20% on Burson Audio Plus, Save up to $2000 on...
  4. Audio46

    The Black Friday Specials for 64 Audio and FiR Audio are currently underway at Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of 64 Audio and FiR Audio Black Friday savings are here! Enjoy 20% off 64 Audio (excluding Volür) and FiR Audio IEMs until Monday, November 27th. Available online and in-store at Audio46. SHOP 64 AUDIO> SHOP FIR AUDIO> SHOP ALL BLACK FRIDAY SAVINGS>
  5. 64 Audio Volür

    64 Audio Volür

    Ushering in a new era of technological innovation, Volür is a 10-driver hybrid UIEM, building on the heritage of Nio. The pulsating heart of Volür is made up of two new custom 9mm dynamic drivers in a True Isobaric configuration, delivering unprecedented low-frequency capability. While our tia™...
  6. Audio46

    The New 64 Audio Volür is Shipping Now from Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of 64 Audio Surprise! 64 Audio is back with their all-new 10-driver hybrid universal in-ear monitors: Volür. We're happy to announce that we have them in stock and ready to ship! Want to try them for yourself? Come to our store at 29 West 46th Street (Between...
  7. 64Audio

    Introducing Volür - 10-Driver Hybrid UIEM

    Introducing Volür Available Now. $2,499: https://www.64audio.com/products/volür *includes our m12 modules for a limited time* 64 Audio's newest UIEM, Volür is a 10-driver hybrid design. This 4-way system is broken out into 2 x 9mm DD (low), 6 BA (mid), 1 BA (hi-mid), 1 tia™ BA (high)...
  8. 64Audio

    64 Audio | VAC Pro - maintenance tool for all in-ear devices

    Hello Head-Fi community, we'd love to introduce you to VAC Pro Buy it here ------------------------------------------ VAC Pro is a cordless micro-vacuum cleaner designed to clean all types of in-ear devices. With the included suite of needles you'll be able to keep your in-ears clean...
  9. 64 Audio U4s

    64 Audio U4s

    A quad driver hybrid UIEM featuring ground-breaking patented technologies originally developed for our flagship products in order to bring a wider audience closer to their music. U4s explores a bold new color aesthetic for 64 Audio. The Slate Blue shell color was influenced by some of the...
  10. Audio46

    The 64 Audio U4s Is Shipping Now from Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of 64 Audio The brand new U4s is a quad-driver hybrid UIEM featuring ground-breaking patented technologies originally developed for 64 Audio's flagship products in order to bring a wider audience closer to their music. The 64 Audio U4s is now in stock at Audio46...
  11. TaronL

    64 Audio U4s - Now Shipping from Headphones.com

    64 Audio's most affordable universal in-ear monitor has arrived and is shipping today with free overnight shipping from Headphones.com! Buy the 64 Audio U4s When you buy from Headphones.com, you get our 365-day return policy, free overnight shipping and support from our amazing customer...
  12. Sebastien Chiu

    Goldensound Reviews the 64 Audio U12t

    @GoldenOne reviews the legendary 64 Audio u12t in our latest video! Is it still as popular in 2022 and is it's status warranted? Let us know what you think about the product if you've tried it out in a post below! You can check it out on our webstore here.
  13. Audio46

    Save Up To 20% During The 64 Audio Black Friday Sale at Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of 64 Audio No need to wait for Black Friday - We're offering up to 20% off on 64 Audio in-ear monitors from now until Monday, November 28th at Audio46 - Online and In-Store! SHOP 64 AUDIO BLACK FRIDAY>
  14. 64 Audio Fourté Blanc

    64 Audio Fourté Blanc

    Blanc is tuned very similarly to Fourté Noir, with some subtle improvements in the low-frequency band due to a new implementation of the dynamic driver, resulting in lower distortion. Lows reach deep while maintaining realism, giving space for upper bass and mid-range punch/presence. This...
  15. Audio46

    The 64 Audio Fourté Blanc Limited Edition Is Available Now At Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of 64 Audio "Our second reinterpretation of the world-renowned Fourté; the first fully tubeless universal in-ear monitor. Rounding off Fourté’s industry-leading legacy, Blanc delivers a fresh perspective, both cosmetically and technically." The 64 Audio Fourté...
  16. romnation

    Cracked acrylic CIEM shell - was able to repair with super glue - any affect on sound quality?

    I'm going on a trip soon so unfortunately I dont have time to get these repaired properly. As you can see in the photo there is a crack on the backside of my 64 audio a18ts, as well a chunk that came out near the headphone connector itself. I located the missing chunk and put a super light...
  17. Trojacked

    Chord Mojo 2 Confusion

    Hey Guys, Wondering if any of you would be able to assist me? Im wanting to purchase a Chord Mojo 2 to partner with my 64 Audio Nio’s to have an end game portable setup. However after lots of research I’m still unsure of one thing, and that’s where or not I’d be able to go straight from my...
  18. 64 Audio U6t

    64 Audio U6t

    64 Audio’s most popular CIEM now available in a universal form. Drawing from the sonic palette of U12t, U6t is our most affordable audiophile monitor to date. Boasting the same groundbreaking technology as our flagship IEMs in our ergonomic aluminum shell to make it more accessible than ever...
  19. 64 Audio Duo

    64 Audio Duo

    SPECIFICATIONS Driver Type/Count 2 Drivers - One dynamic driver and one balanced armature driver Driver Configuration 1 tia high, 1 dynamic low Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz Sensitivity 98dB/mW (98dB @ 1kHz @ 1mW (95mV) Impedance 9Ω Crossover Integrated 2-way passive...
  20. G

    Softears RS10 vs 64 Audio u18t

    Looking for perspectives on reference gear for mixing. Currently mixing on Adams & NS10s Trying portable setup when traveling: - u18t / Lotoo P6k Effect Audio cables are transparent for me when comparing to PW Audio cables. I'm curious on how these iems sound through chord hugo2 & TT2. I...
  21. Netforce

    Headphones.com $2300 IEM giveaway! 64 Audio U12t and Dunu Blanche Cable

    Every month, Headphones.com does a giveaway on our Youtube channel The HEADPHONE Show. Previous giveaway winners won the HD 800S, Utopia and even the Susvara! This month we are giving away the 64 Audio U12t and Dunu Blanche Cable! Link to make your Entry...
  22. Audio46

    64 Audio U6t has Arrived at Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of 64 Audio 64 Audio’s most popular CIEM now available in a universal form! The U6t uses the U12t for sonic inspiration while the U18s influences its dark grey matte shell finish as well as its redesigned packaging and proprietary cable. It's available now at...
  23. bgpolyhistor

    Basshead IEM Comparisons

    Hello everyone! I've been growing my collection of IEM's over the past year or so and wanted to share some thoughts and opinions. Just for a bit of a background- I'm not a professional. I am an amateur musician and lover of music. I do prefer musical signatures over flat/analytical models, and I...
  24. Tokpakorlo

    My Journey To Perfection - A Review Of The 64 Audio Nio, U12t, Trio, U18t and U18s

    My name is Tokpa and this is my journey to perfection. Let me briefly introduce myself; I am a professional touring/studio musician, a producer, photographer, videographer and director. I am on the road A LOT, sometimes as much as eight months a year, and the solace I get when I listen to music...
  25. Audio46

    Last Chance to Save 15% off Select 64 Audio at Audio46 [DEAL HAS ENDED]

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of 64 Audio SHOP 64 AUDIO SALE>