Introducing Volür - 10-Driver Hybrid UIEM
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Jul 6, 2016
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Introducing Volür
Available Now. $2,499:ür
*includes our m12 modules for a limited time*


64 Audio's newest UIEM, Volür is a 10-driver hybrid design. This 4-way system is broken out into 2 x 9mm DD (low), 6 BA (mid), 1 BA (hi-mid), 1 tia™ BA (high).

Screen Shot 2023-09-28 at 8.21.35 AM.png

This release, originally inspired by Nio, is the culmination of research and development spanning many years. At the heart of Volür are the two new custom 9mm dynamic drivers in a True Isobaric configuration. This cone-to-magnet design is responsible for improving damping, lowering distortion, increasing power-handling, and extending the LF response. Bottom line, we were looking for quality over quantity and we ended up improving both.

Screen Shot 2023-09-28 at 8.21.45 AM.png

Another goal with improving our high-driver count hybrid platform was elevating high-frequency response. Our new tia waveguide increases amplitude while remaining, not only listenable, but extremely resolving. The detail retrieval and soundstage provided by this component elevates the sound of Volür to the summit of high-end audio products.


While it maintains the signature rich character of Nio's mids, to maintain the ergonomic outer shell dimensions almost all of the internals had to be reimagined. From the internal wall thickness of the shell, 3d printed driver manifolds, LF bore, to the mounting mechanism connecting the mid-driver housing to the highs; this technological powerhouse is nothing short of an engineering marvel, if only for the amount of components and technology that it contains within it. Most visibly of all the changes is the sharper faceplate, which replaces our traditional rounded edges with a chamfered edge.


Volür is available now though our global network of dealers and distributors or directly on our website.
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Cool. I got to test all their IEMs at CJ, and thought they were all strangely a departure after U12t, in one way or another. I would like to see their Universal shell be shaped a little more organically/ergonomically. And more interesting shell colors would be nice.
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wow. thats an exciting new release from 64audio!
this true isobaric DDs seem quite a big novelty from you guys....
will it promise supreme end game basshead pleasure?

as a guy still haunted by the Firaudio Xenon6 bass, these Volur sure are extremely intriguing. and promising!

ive give good listen to Nio, U4S, U12T and U18T in the past...if we can get the mids and treble of U18T plus the U4S bass on steroid....just wow.
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Tried this at CanJam and yes, they are what they purport to be! A new highlight for 64audio!
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Hi Everyone, we'll be doing a live Volür unboxing followed by Vitaliy Belonozhko (founder, owner, & CEO) + Vitaliy Gordeyev (R&D manager) answering questions live. Tune in on Friday October 13th 10am Pacific time. This will be streamed on YouTube. We're gathering questions now, so if you have Volür related questions you'd like answered, please submit them below.
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