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Jul 6, 2016
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Hello Head-Fi community, we'd love to introduce you to VAC Pro

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VAC Pro is a cordless micro-vacuum cleaner designed to clean all types of in-ear devices. With the included suite of needles you'll be able to keep your in-ears clean regardless of canal opening size or brand.


What makes VAC Pro truly unique is that it is battery powered, so no need to plug anything in to do a quick cleanup after a listening session. While it does have an 80 minute runtime on a full charge, it can continue to operate while charging.

The filter system is also really simple to keep clean and replace.

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Neat idea, if you have a large iem collection.

I don't.
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Does it even have enough suction power to clean CIEMs that use some form of mesh at the sound bore? These IEMs tend to be generally harder to clean. At times you'd have to be able suck small debris through the mesh since it can sometimes end up behind it.

Also the price is way too high, something like $150 would be more appropriate and acceptable.
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What can this do that the Jodi-Vac can't that justifies my paying 180 USD more for your product?
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Neat idea, if you have a large iem collection.

I don't.
Personally I have a rather large CIEM collection (see signature) but I still don't need a vacuum for them. Cleaning my ears from time to time do the trick, lol.
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guys.... did you all fall for it?
come on it was a joke...
...or not?
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Could be great for musicians using CIEMs on the go. I've personally been looking for an IEM vacuum and I really dig the simplicity here.

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