1. bancanus

    [Not Available]: Astell & Kern Futura SE100 **MINT** DAP with Patina Case

    Mint, perfect condition, zero defect original package Include Dignis Artisan Series Case with Antique Finish Include Miter case with kick stand Installed with latest firmware, can use streaming services including youtube Ship to anywhere Retail Price: USD 1699 (SE100) + USD 168 (Patina case) +...
  2. EndGameSearch


  3. rantng

    SOLD - FS - 64 Audio A6t

    Purchased from the original owner with the intention to reshell, but I actually have too many IEMs. 64Audio only performs reshells for the original owner. I've confirmed with itsfitlab (https://itsfitlab.com/reshell/) they will reshell the A6t w/a basic design for $200, which is a great price...
  4. Zhanming057

    FS: 64 Audio A18t - $1400, reshell eligible

    [Temporarily removed from FS due to travel, will update when I can ship them once again] Selling a pair of 64 Audio A18t's, available for the official reshell service which is $599 plus shipping. Headphones sound perfect and comes with the original box and modules. The original 2 pin cable has...
  5. Vitaly2017


    Sold delete
  6. Lewis Li

    Big sale with various items

    Hi everyone, I am here to sell various items from both my friends and mine. Please pm me if you have interest 1. Chord hugo 2: one month usage, excellent condition, including all accessories and box---$1500 2. Woo audio wa8 portable Dac/amp, upgraded to original factory tubes, Excellent...
  7. iemcamp

    [SOLD] U18t [mint]

    For sale almost new U18t, bought 12/2018 with Polish official distributor. Never used outside, new like package without only 1 pair of tips used. Pictures as needed. Paypal preferred.
  8. rushofblood


    Sold. Thanks all
  9. EndGameSearch

    SOLD - 64 Audio Tia Trio - Original Owner - June, 2018

    Selling mint Condition Tia Trio and a separate listing for the Effect Audio Thor Silver II+ 8-wire I have been using with the Trio. Fantastic pairing. https://www.head-fi.org/threads/fs-effect-audio-thor-silver-ii-8-wire-bespoke.897064/ Shipping included - North America only
  10. Gofspar


    Selling these for a close friend, he got these around Oct. and is looking to take a different route in his current gear stack, these are in very good condition, no large dings or scratches. All original accessories and a Pelican 1010 mini-case are included. By far the best IEM I've ever heard...
  11. Zhanming057

    SOLD: Tia Fourte w/ upgrade cable - $2,475

    ALL SOLD I've got the following two headphones for sale: -[Sold] Focal Utopia. Cosmetic condition-wise I would rate it as a 9. There's one scruff on the plastic housing on one side. Everything else is like new. Comes with the original box, cable, Focal's travel case, and a custom-built 5ft...
  12. AEIOU9

    SOLD: 64 Audio TIA Fourte

    Item was purchased from the original owner unopened so I am the second owner but first user. The original owner purchased the IEMs back in January 2018 so there is some warranty remaining. Price includes shipping to the continental US and PayPal fees.
  13. musicor

    *SOLD* 64 Audio Tia Fourte + Hugo2

    Both in good condition with heavenly sound. Includes original boxes etc. I am going wireless for convenience so letting these go ... Although I can feel that I will regret the decision at some point. Price includes shipping and PayPal. US shipping only. No, I will not sell them separately. I...
  14. AEIOU9

    SOLD: 64 Audio U12T - Mint Condition

    Hello, I'm looking to sell my 64 Audio U12T. I purchased them new from 46 Audio back in March 2018 and I will provide a copy of the receipt. They are in mint condition and will come in the original packaging. I am not looking for any trades just cash. Price includes shipping in the US and...
  15. EZE99

    Like New Universal 64 Audio Tia Fourte

    Like New Universal 64 Audio tia Fourte for sale. Listened to enough to be burned in. Comes with original packaging and all accessories. No scratches. Beautiful headphones, but have decided to keep the 64 Audio U18 Tzar instead. Paypal fees included in price, you pay for shipping. Paypal Only
  16. Zhanming057

    [FOUND]: 64 audio Tia Fourte

    Change of heart, figure I'd go for the Tia Fourte if anyone is willing to part with theirs. Preferably US sale, not offering trades and looking for a straight sale. If you're willing to let yours go, shoot me a PM!
  17. N

    FS: Empire Ears Zeus XR Adel Universals w/ Effect Audio Ares II+ Cable

    I'm selling these. I've had the headphones for four months. I just purchased the cable 3 weeks ago. Both items are in great condition. I'm asking for 1950 OBO with paypal and shipping included. These Adel XR's are no longer offered by EE: They only offer the non-adel version now. And, you can no...
  18. aaf evo

    [FS/WTT] - 64 Audio Tia Fourte - SOLD

    Mint condition Tia Fourte - I am the original owner. Received mid December 2017 directly from 64 audio. Comes with the original box and all accessories, all tips are unused and the cable probably has had about a week or two of use on it so it's in pristine condition. I'm looking for cash...
  19. 64Audio

    The Official 64 Audio Thread | apex & tia Technologies

    We here at 64 Audio wanted to start a fresh thread for continuing discussion about our current and future products and plans. A lot has happened over the past year! We successfully delivered over a thousand Kickstarter A-Series and U-Series products to our backers, changed our name from 1964...