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  1. tim0chan
    Glad u r enjoying it
  2. Blueshound24

    I demo'd the U18 with Spinfits and never tried foams, (just don't like the hassle). With Spinfits I couldn't find any fault with the U18 and did not have ANY issue with the treble.

    I thought I read someone's impressions where he demo'd the U18 but ordered the A18 and thought the A18 had too much bass, and returned them to 64 Audio for some type of modification that reduced the bass? So, I'm somewhat afraid of the signature changing, and not to my liking...
  3. pfurey89
    The signature is still the same, but more “natural” sounding to my ears. It’s everything the u18 is just 1-3% better and the fit is perfect.
  4. Blueshound24
    One of the things that impressed me with the U18 was it's airy, deep and wide soundstage. Do you thing that was changed any with customs?
  5. pfurey89
    I’m a soundstage nut. A18t does not disappoint. I think it’s the same as the universal in that regard.
  6. flipper203
    I whish wecould send U18 and transform it to A18.....going from U18 to A18 is expensive! (selling old one and buying new one)
  7. wldcohso
    I was thinking the same thing, shipping cost do add up though.
  8. tkddud21
    I hope 64 audio use other carriers..I dont understand why fedex costs handling fee to customer.
  9. sdaff
    Hi all, I have ordered an a12t, and trying to match a 2.5mm cable for it

    And I see that plus sound is doing a christmas sale, do anyone have any recommandation?
  10. PinkyPowers
    Kind of depends on your budget.

    On the lower end, Ares II (non-plus) ought to pair nicely with that signature. Or, for the ultimate celebration of range and transparency, Leonidas.
  11. DWbirdseye
    I just placed my order for the Tia Fourte - super pumped. I guess I'll recieve them by mid- February at the latest. I must be patient, I must be patient, I must be patient. lol
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  12. tkddud21
    Hope that you get it as soon as possible:beyersmile:
  13. PinkyPowers
    A Christmas present to yourself which you won't get until well after Christmas. Still a good choice. Happy holidays!
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  14. choisan
    just saw the website, there are no more U12 and A12 below products. read another cutout from web in facebook, they said they no longer produce them.
    anything wrong with those models?
    i am new to earphone, how is 64 different to Empire Zeus R Adel? please kindly advise!
  15. Rin1990
    Strange, I wonder what made them decide to no longer produce those...

    As for the difference, simple.

    It's just that Empire Ears ADEL use different modules compared to 64 Audio now, which uses APEX modules.

    Both are different sized though, so 64 Audio IEMs can't use ADEL modules even if you want to swap them out.

    As to how different is the *sound*, well...that depends on what type of sound preference you want.
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2017

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