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The New iRiver AK100: A High-End DAP

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by expatinjapan, Oct 4, 2012.
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  1. Mimouille

    This...why need someone else to tell you what sounds good. Trust your ears :)
  2. ChiAki
    Bought a RWAK100 a few days ago and loving it. Many of my previous prejudices concerning the AK100 (unmodded) were overthrown after listening to the RWAK100. In short, I like the RWAK100. It sounds smooth just as the AK100 yet obviously cleaner in tonality. It also has better control driving the Sony Z1000 and some low-impedance IEMs (K3003, FI-BA-SS etc.) to my ears.
    I also find its Line Output better than my ODAC. The ODAC sounds stiff and lifeless comparing to the RWAK100. The SR-009 is a highly record-quality-revealing headphone, and ODAC is utterly un-listenable feeding the SRM-727A when I try to listen to Pop music; however, the RWAK100 has given me many surprises so far. Right now my semi-desktop setup is using the RWAK100 feeding the 727A driving SR-009. [​IMG]
  3. tm.chen
    My unit is not booting after I left it to charge overnight.I tried booting when it is plugged into the main and hard reboot.
    Can anyone help? Not sure if iRiver can replace it as mine is the silver model which I asked someone to help me buy from Japan. [​IMG]
  4. IronLung
    Did you flashed it with "Listrid Firmware"?
  5. tm.chen
    Yes Listrid 2.0. The unit was off when I left it to charge
  6. IronLung
    It could be fixed, I'll ask on the russian forum to help you.
  7. tm.chen
    That would be great!! Thanks!
  8. jonckr
    Listrid 3.0 isn't on there yet right? :frowning2:
  9. IronLung
    Not yet, we are all waiting for Listrid, but he is busy on his work.
  10. Nod2mybeats
    Just got my AK100 in the mail yesterday. Can someone send me a working link to listrid 2.0? I tried flashing the dropbox file, no dice. It stayed at the stock firmware somehow. Also these naver links aren't working for me.
  11. daseinpdx

    Keep in mind that listrid firmware uses the start screen of your last official firmware. For instance, it will say 1.33 at the start even when you have successfully installed listrid. You have to go by what features are there.
  12. Nod2mybeats
    EDIT: Wow. I never actually noticed that little nut in the bottom right corner of the 'now playing' screen. Should've done the tutorial. I probably flashed Listrid correctly 6 times without knowing it.
  13. tm.chen
    Did you turn on gapless playback in EQ?
  14. edlauck
    AK100 Firmware 2.10 is out:
    [New firmware] AK100 V2.10(Common)
    Jul 25, 2013​
    [Newly Added function]
    1. USB DAC (the same  as AK120’s)
  15. IronLung

    Can't find it on the official site, where did you get this link?
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