1. rincewind

    New buds recommendations needed

    Hi All, Long, longtime user who just hadn't logged in for several years, since I was happy with my setup for a long time. My Yuin PK3 finally broke so I'm looking for new buds. They will mostly be used at my workplace (office job), where it is mostly quiet. I use earbuds instead of IEMs because...
  2. Nikolay Vutov

    AMP/DAC for Astell & Kern iRiver AT2000

    Hello guys! (bad english over here.. sorry!) I'm new here and I need your advice. Before some days i decide to replace my "AKG K321" with the "Astell & Kern iRiver AT2000". They cost me around 50$ because of the black friday but their real price is around 100$ so I thing they are good choice...
  3. audionewbi

    Astell & Kern AK120 impression thread

    I took the liberty to make a separate impression thread for the AK120 as the introductory thread was becoming too complicated to follow. There was too much going on and not enough about how the product is actually performing.  =-=-=-=-=- Part 1-Early impression   Construction: Compared...
  4. ExpatinJapan

    The New iRiver/Astell & Kern AK100: A High-End DAP

    Seen via Headfonia on Facebook.       Equipped with the Wolfson 8740 DAC The world's highest performing 24bit/192kHz stereo DAC. First portable device with the Wolfson 8740 DAC.      96 GB of total memory capacity Equipped with dual Micro SD card slots to...
  5. yoyo59


    Ok i've been hearing about this alot lately and what i've came to noticed that it's just an ipod with an amp with it? im really I own an ipod touch 2g and curious about the whole Imod and rockbox-is it a program?, plus whats so good about the iriver h120?when I read these posts I...
  6. A.Mir

    Cooked it down to 10 - 8 to go.

    Hi!   IEM crisis is knocking softly on my door (again), and I'll try to make this as short as possible.    My PL50s are starting to fail on me and therefore I need a new pair of IEMs. Actually, I want two pairs. One for workout and one for mobility use when traveling. I'm not going to do...
  7. Arioch77

    looking for advice for sleeping iem in the $100 range

    Hello, Been using ATH-AD700 for some years now, which were my first "real" headphone, and love them. But now I need something to use in while sleeping ( i sleep on the side ) / commuting, so I've decided to invest in some iem (first pair). budget: max 70€/$100 (preferably less) source...
  8. 3602

    [SOLVED] iRiver H340 clipping the bass

    My recently acquired iRiver H340 is clipping the bass. On the heaviest bass, I hear "bzzzt-bzzzt-bzzzt", definitely clipping. There is nothing wrong with the music files since it does not clip on my computer nor on my audio recorder.   This happens both with and without Rockbox.   So...
  9. CyberAthlete

    Received my Triple Fi.10 yesterday

      I received mine yesterday around 2pm. Have been on burn-in since then.   I've been reading that some people are not happy with either the packaging, or the quality of sound. I believe that    1) we paid 1/4th the retail price for these, and based on that fact the packaging should...
  10. Toby M

    Firestone Cute Beyond hiss?

    I recently got a Cute Beyond amp to go with my Fubar II and am really enjoying it . But with some headphones there's an audible background hiss, even with volume on minimum and nothing playing, in particular with my CX300's. I can also hear it on my PX100 but not on my HD555 or any of the...
  11. CyberAthlete

    iRiver replacement battery power connector too short?

    So i replaced my old, nearly dead, over exhausted, 7 year old iRiver battery witha 2200mAh [OEM Compatible](CS-H110XL) iRiver battery from    plugged it in, charged it and thing just goes on and on and on for 22 hours on shuffle at 75% volume. Holy cow! Just what I needed...
  12. downstairs

    Replacement for iRiver Clix?

    After four glorious years, my 4GB iRiver Clix looks like it's about to bite the dust. Since you are the audio wizards who led me to the Clix in the first place, I'm hoping you can help me find a suitable replacement.   If you loved and lost your Clix, where did you turn next? What would you...
  13. Zida

    Is there a portable with a digital ouptut such as coax?

    I'm wondering if there are any portable players that have a digital output for connecting to a DAC when you're back home, or any players that have a 3rd party add-on to achieve this. I'm thinking mostly for what I can use to connect to my DAC when I'm listening to music in bed, and hoping I...
  14. ElEsido

    Who has an iriver H1xx and an dac or amp that shows the bitrate of the optical SPDIF input?

    Hi! Does anyone have the mentioned items and would be so kind to to check what bitrate the H1xx delivers over optical when a high-res file is played? It nas been claimed over here that rockbox on an iriver H120 can output a 20bit optical signal. Could anyone verify that? Some high-res...
  15. Soundbuff

    Is Ogg Vorbis dying?

    I heard the Iriver has discontinued Ogg Vorbis on one of their new HDD models.. What do you think, is Ogg Vorbis going the way of the dinosaurs? I am trying to decide between ripping my collection in Ogg Vorbis or MP3. I can't hear much of a difference between Ogg Vorbis Q6 and MP3/Lame...
  16. Rune3400

    Considering an Iriver to dac/amp combo - better than my S9?

    Hi   This is what i use now Cowon S9 -> mini^3 -> hd600   I was thinking about selling the cowon and the mini^3 and getting this:   Iriver 120/140 rockboxed -> Fiio e7 ( )       In pricing this...
  17. TheDreamthinker

    Are Irivers better then iPods?

    Hi Folks,   My question is whether the iriver is better than iPod (in general).  I own an old iPod nano 3G at the moment and i just wanna know what kind of mp3 to take if this one breaks.   A would also appreciate other options...     Thanks
  18. ironmine

    Question about the quality of iRiver H120 player's optical output...

    Hi there Want to ask a question on this great forum... My purpose is to be able to play FLACs via a DAC without a computer (through NAD C320 BEE amplifier and Acoustic Energy Aegis EVO 3 floor standing speakers). I haven't bought a DAC yet, but I am thinking about Constantine or Stello DA100...
  19. wazzupi

    What would be the best portable device that out put a digital signal ?

    So yeah need someones expertise on this there are only a few devices that could do this, one being a pocketable netbook or viliv n5. and the other being ipod/solo or the ipad/camera kit and the iriver...
  20. CaptainLorax

    of all the mp3 players that can use the current stable Rockbox port, which is best?

    Apple: iPod 1g through 5.5g, iPod Mini and iPod Nano 1g Archos: Jukebox 5000, 6000, Studio, Recorder, FM Recorder, Recorder V2 and Ondio Cowon: iAudio X5, X5V, X5L, M5, M5L, M3 and M3L iriver: iHP100 series, H100 series, H300 series and H10 series Olympus: M:Robe 100 Packard Bell: Vibe 500...
  21. ext23

    help me choose my new mp3 player!

    hi all, first post.   my ipod nano has become really unstable so i wanna get something new.   i really don't care about video at all. i'm not gonna be watching videos on the move. photos, maybe, occassionally, but i have a smartphone for that.   after reading these forums a bit, i am...
  22. R0ck43

    iRiver P7

    Hi, have you any experince with this player ? Any comparison with a cowon D2 or S9 ? I thinking about this player, but i am not sure if that so good like cowon ?
  23. halcyon

    Audiobook player with specific requirements

    Have been using my iRiver H340 w/ rockbox for audiobooks, but I'm now in  need of something more.   Specifically, the player should:    audiobook support with multiple bookmarks  support mp3, aac, wma, flac and wav w/ id3 tag support  offer separate playback tempo control up to 200%...
  24. magliter

    iRiver H120 - Sell or Keep?

    Haven't had the money to get a proper amp for my iRiver H120 and was wondering what you guys think if I should keep it or sell it   If I should sell it how much is it worth?
  25. therock003

    PMPs vs Portable DACs?

    Can someone help me understand the importance of the external portable DAC devices? What can someone gain by using a seperate unit for this process, and how does it compare with the internal DACs included on PMPs such as iPodsand cowons?