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The Monoprice MP9927 PG 208.. MP8320 (MEP-933)..The $7.11 club..

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  1. Nintendo Maniac
    I highly recommend shaving them, it's actually really easy with a file and shaves down quite quickly (if you're not too OCD, it should take maybe 10-15 minutes?) especially since you can skip shaving the hard-to-reach ones next to the "fin".  Just FYI, don't blow on the IEMs since the drivers are open-backed!
    Make sure your tips are getting a good seal, you should be able to actually feel the bass rumble somewhat in your ear.  I personally use the tips in this sample pack, but I bought them when they were half price - it seems that the price on this randomly jumps between the two price points.
  2. nbriles2000
    I'm using some double flange tips that I found suggested elsewhere in this thread. The bass seems to be improving as time goes on. They're probably only 20 hours or so in. Highs are evening out too.

    I plan on doing the mod with the new microfiber mesh covering the nozzle (er whatever...) and ive already messed around with tape on the front side port. That made the sound pretty bloated until I poked a hole in it.
  3. Tom22
    the microfiber cloth mod works to tame out a bit of the peakiness in the treble but these are kinda peaky in the lower treble anyway
    when i had them, in regards to the bass, they have good bass punch and i find them rolled off in the subbass.  the midrange is a bit thin, but a bit forward. but for 7$-8$ i paid for them i have no right to make these complaints really.
    i really should grab myself another pair to give them a proper review. they are really good, but theres some serious drawbacks. but if you want a balanced or mid centric earphone and on a budget (i mean really on a budget!). their fantastic! 
    for the price of a big mac combo from McDonalds , the price to performance ratio is one of the best out there (actually just googled it... a big mac combo is more expensive... at least here in canada.....
  4. phillkillv2
    Man, what pisses me off about mine is that they are so damn easy to tangle, with the cloth covered ones, at-least. I spend more time untangling these ear buds than actually having them in my ears.
    I've been using these on and off for a while, and I've decided that they're pretty good. The bass for me, isn't really there, though that could be because I have some tips from a different pair of ear buds on them at the moment. I've been meaning to get Comply Foam tips for better isolation and to keep them in my ears. And that's another problem, they're not exactly ergonomic to me. I know that you can wrap them around the back of your ear, but that just gets annoying from time to time because I wear glasses. 

    I can sit here and complain all day long, but It's not like I dropped $50+ on these.
  5. Nintendo Maniac
    The question is though, where can you even get them?  The Monoprice's can be found on Amazon and, well, Monoprice, but I can't find the KZ's...
  6. Ruben123

    Here you can find them. DT3s seem to be better though
  7. HAMS

    so it's bassy type iem, how is it good?  though is it better than sony mh1 for $20 on ebay. actually I found sony mh1 locally for just $10 damn cheap!
  8. Ruben123
    Be sure theyre not fakes for that price. And I dont know about the KZs, dont own one of them! See the KZ impression thread. As I understand the DT3 is the best following the EDSE,but since SQ is a subjective thing you might find it otherwise. For me Im trying tto find out if a DT3 is worth the money over a EDSE and a TTPOD over both.
  9. HAMS
    apparently no fakes (with that flat cables and build for $10)
    do you have the mh1? how it compare?
  10. Tom22
    try taping the vent near the nozzle, it definitely spikes the bass 
    and poke a hole there (with a needle) or something thicker if you want adjust the bass output
    its mostly a midbass spike but go for it
    i personally wouldn't recommend getting the complys for them.
    I have used complys many times in the past (a few of them came with earphones) i bought a couple of pairs and your paying quite a lot for eartips that don't last (at least for me but this will vary for others of course)
    my complies usually last maybe 2 months. and for a cheap sub $10 i don't think its worth it
    if say your using them with say your shure se535 or your W4. i think it might/ could be justifiable
  11. HAMS
    actually, it's a sub bass boost with vent near the nozzle mod.
  12. waynes world

    Good idea! I'm going to do that for sure to my 8320's. Hopefully dsnuts won't mind (I think my pair are his original pair lol).
    Yes, the cable is ridiculous. But if you want to feel better about the 8320 cable, go and get the the sony mh1c [​IMG]
    Done, and liking it! I haven't listened to them for a while, but jeez they are pretty amazing for the price.
  13. HAMS
    I prefer monoprice over the phonak now, a little conflicted because I like the phonak looks and considering it better on meassurement still, meh just enjoy the music.
  14. Tom22
    i always ask myself this question "is it my ears listening or the eyes (looking at the measurements)"
    so i tend not to dwell on the measurements too much. its a indication on how they sound, but its not the be all end all
    cause something may look perfect on paper (say your looking for pure neutral sound) but it may not play nice with your ears 
    be your going to be living with them sooo you decide =) 
    just my 2 cents
  15. HAMS
    I agree. preferred sound signature is more important, flat headphone is useful for a reference sound.
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