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The Monoprice MP9927 PG 208.. MP8320 (MEP-933)..The $7.11 club..

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  1. Nintendo Maniac
    But that's just it, most people aren't aware of the differences outside of color.
    Case in point - I had to pretty much be my own guinea pig and test out the white version myself to confirm/deny the rumors of a rubberized cable and any possible benefits it brings.  Not only that, but I ended up also discovering that the stock tips seemed softer - something nobody had ever mentioned. (the pink IEMs have the same rubberized cable and softer stock tips)
    And that was 18 months ago, yet since then there have still been many people elsewhere on the internets that still complain about that fabric cord and to a lesser extent the crappy stock tips without any awareness of the alternative...
    I don't mean to sound nagging, but it just pains me to see it happening on such a surprisingly wide scale.
  2. Jim McC
    Does anyone know how these 2 compare to the Panasonic HJE120? Sound, fit, etc? Thanks
  3. rickdohc
    HJE120 SQ is under average.
    The only thing they got better over the 8320/9927 is that they are small and easy to fit.
    If you want something that you can buy an use easly and you dont want to spend your time finding the "perfect tip" , then the HJE120 will be a safe bet. But the sound is not even close to the 8320/9927.
    Try the Phillips SHE3580/90,  easy to fit, cheap and they sound better than the HJE120.
  4. Jim McC
    Thanks. How does the Philps compare to the 2 Monoprice ones?  What's the difference between the 2 Monoprice ones?
  5. Tom22

    whoops hit send before i finished! this is why i hate replying on head-fi on my s3... lets try this again
  6. Tom22
    in my case the 8320 ( the silver one) has a more balanced sound signature, where as the philips she 3580/90 has a more v shaped sound signature.
    the 8320 has a more open sound sound signature in particularly the left and right (so its wider sounding) > the philips
    the midrange is much more upfront but the presentation has a thinness to it. particularly vocals, the treble has more graininess to it compared to the more metallic sounding treble on the she3590
    the philips however has a deeper and fuller bass (great extension down there), with good punch as well.
    the midrange is more distant sounding, particularly male vocals but the treble has more energy and more "fun" sounding. 
    i have a review of the philips she3580 if your interested, you can take your pick on which you enjoy more =)
    here is the youtube link (its an old review)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kX4yFKIZkQ
    here is the head-fi written review: http://www.head-fi.org/products/philips-she3590bk-10-in-ear-headphones-black/reviews/11205
  7. rickdohc
    Perfectly described. 3580 V shaped with tons of bass and treble sounds metalic, but its cheap, fits easly, They are " Buy And Play".

    I have had 3 8320, two sounded good but you need to find the tip that will seal perfectly , the third one sounded thin, lifeless,no bass. imo there is somo Qc issues and thats why some people dont like them.
  8. Nintendo Maniac
    I second this.  My first white 9963s have noticably weaker bass in one ear while my current ones don't.  I also think my original black 9927s have more bass, but it might justbe because I've only used the black ones for a month or so total due to its crazy annoying fabric cord while I'm on a year with my current white IEMs.
  9. SleathX1
    I'm way late to this hype train, but I got my 9927's probably 3 months ago. They are phenomenal for $8. I have the Comply S-400s on them and they are very comfortable and block out lots of surrounding noise.
    Running them off my iPod touch 4th gen, I can get ample volume and decent quality. My only complaint is the crappy DAC in the iPod, it sounds muddy across the spectrum with every song I play, but I've have that problem beforehand.
    From my PC however, mids are very rich and have a warm and "fun" sound. Great for this type of IEM. In my opinion, highs are lacking a bit, they aren't great at all to be honest when compared to my desktop rig. My HD 518s have spoiled me [​IMG]But when you remember how much you paid for them, they are remarkable. What I mean by the highs are lacking is that they "drop off" around 14k, so hi-hats sometimes go unheard. But they are mostly crisp and clear, however. Bass is great, actually, more than I ever would have guessed. 
    So in recap of my mini-review, these are the best IEMs that $30 and under can buy. Once you replace the included tips with Comply tips, you will be good to go. These are absolutely phenomenal for what you pay for them.
  10. phillkillv2
    Mine broke. I liked them a-lot for what they were.
  11. anduril
    I like mine a lot. Except the nylon starts coming off the cable in several places. I don't think it will last a lot longer.
    Oh well, will be a good candidate for Bluedio BT recabling.
  12. phillkillv2
    I'm just gonna drop a good chunk on some IEM's with a removable cable. I'm sick of these things going out on me and not being replaceable, of course without mods.
  13. anduril
    At my price level it's a lot cheaper to just replace the IEM than a cable :wink:
  14. Nintendo Maniac
    There's always the white or pink models with rubberized cabels...
  15. Ruben123
    My white is still going strong after 1.5 years of mainly daily use (on the go).
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