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The Monoprice MP9927 PG 208.. MP8320 (MEP-933)..The $7.11 club..

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  1. ezzony
    Again I thought the white tips felt softer in my ears. That's all I could definitively say but I did replace them with some other tips I ordered on ebay from a link i got on here so I use those so don't have much more to add about the stock tips.
  2. ezzony
    Really !!! Are you sure about that? any link ?
  3. B9Scrambler

    .revoked ridiculous comment.
  4. Nintendo Maniac

    Did they happen to be these tips?: http://www.ebay.com/itm/151168006538
  5. ezzony
    Well, as a matter of fact, NO, they weren't. 
    they were these ones
  6. Nintendo Maniac
    I completely forgot to ask; so in the end, which do you like better, the black 9927 or the white 9963?
  7. ezzony
    Well the black one's I guess. I like the white color but it never stays that color and they look dirty already. Also the wire-to- jack seems a little bit more flimsy than the black and my not last as long before breaking. My black one's did break eventually after about 3 months. As I said I've replaced that cable with a sony cable from an old pair of iem's and I expect that to last much longer. 
    It turns out I had to shave off the ridges on the white one's as well in the end because the think keep popping out of my ear every so often and I thought it would help it not to do that and I suppose it did.
  8. Nintendo Maniac

    Seriously, how do you guys get white items that dirty? Mine are a year old and still look new, and I use them as my main source of audio on my PC (which I use nearly daily, and up to hours at a time)
  9. ezzony
    The point is that the white one's will show stains more readily than the black version. 
    You said you use yours "as my main source of audio on my PC". Well I use mine portabley - never on the PC - so that would explain that one I'd say !
  10. xedjflowx

    life happens
  11. hobbyone
    I have the pink version since one week. My black version died 1 year ago. I use the same self-made tips on the pink, which I used before. I remember the black sounded like this: small soundstage, little warm, with awesome punchy bass. The pink sounds as the most people on amazon (at the 9927) comment: open, flat, accurate, the bass has nothing special.
    I like the cable on the 9960, it is almost noise free. The color is vibrant, pretty funky.
  12. HAMS

    I have 3 black and 1 silver, all have noticeable slightly different sound.
  13. Nintendo Maniac

    Nice to see the pink 9960 IEMs getting some love - I actually kind of like that color-combo you got going there.

    So, similar to what I asked HAMS, what made you decide to buy the pink 9960 over the other 3 color options?

    And BTW, Head-Fi's email notification seems to now be completely broken for me. Before it was intermittent, but now I'm not getting anything. (and no, they're not being marked as spam or being automatically sent to trash - the issue is even occuring with PMs).
  14. hobbyone
    The £5 price difference (purchased from UK) + the cable.
  15. iron2k
    I finally got mines in silver (listening to them right now).
    GREAT little bugs... and for the price are amazing  [​IMG] 
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