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The Monoprice MP9927 PG 208.. MP8320 (MEP-933)..The $7.11 club..

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  1. Tom22
    yup they measured pretty well except that spike, especially for being sub 10$ its quite remarkable 
  2. Nintendo Maniac
    It would seem that Monoprice's "free domestic shipping" sale applies to these headphones as well...
    Also price-wise only the pink 9960 IEMs are on sale @ $5.92.
  3. AndyStaff
    Just wanted to show off my new custom recable of my 8320s. Here you go!
  4. Tom22
    omg they look amazing!
    that must've been so much work to twist them so elegantly!
    i'm truely a fan. but i would say not a fan of the plug =( i like l shape plugs myself but thats just me, nothing on your part
  5. AndyStaff
    Thank you so much! its my first real DIY mod and I am loving it so far! I really hated the stock cable. The braiding took around three hours...I'm not the best at braiding lol. I wish I had and L shaped plug on hand! I am already regretting using the standardly shaped plug. Overall though I am certainly satisfied.
  6. Tom22
    yup i like the choice of colours too, haha maybe next time ! the 8320s are cheap so what the heck, why not
  7. Wokei

    Fantastic job on the recabling ...like the col ...da man ...lol
  8. ezzony
    I bought the black braided version a few months ago and just bought the white pair last week as the cable was on the way out on my first pair. 
    I had an old pair of very small iem's from sony that were cheap and not very good but sony cables always seem very good so I snipped off the drivers and used the cable to recable my black 8320. Vastly improved usability as the original braid was beginning to cause problems. Happy camper with the end result have to say. 
    Anyway I just used the above story as an excuse to post something here as I have just been amazed and how good and what value for money they are. I did away with iem's a few years ago because my Westone 3's which sounded great would irritate my inner ear in a scalding type of way due to I suspect my ear rejecting the comply foam tips over time because they just had that effect for whatever reason. And in fact I didn't really like that total block out all noise effect anyway. I am personally listening to a lot of tecky electronic music lately and I can say that the bass response is superior to that of my previous Westones 3's I mentioned. And significanly so.Not the rest of the spectrum admittedly. Pretty amazing. I will never pay a lot of money for a pair of iem's again and will spend my wonga on proper cans ! 
  9. Nintendo Maniac
    Any thoughts on the differences between the black 9927 and the white 9963 IEMs?
    (and if you're into the sort of thing, the white 9963 IEMs could use some more reviews on Monoprice's website, specifically regarding those differences)
  10. ezzony
    The difference in sound is ZERO. I had been listening to noting else for about 3 months every day and think I would have noticed some difference when i tried the whites for the first time.
    But my next observation may seem a bit odd. I find the feel of the whites to be softer than the black. The effect of that was that I didn't need to carve off the ridges as I absolutely had to do on the blacks as they were utterly unusable before that. I have no explanation for this.
  11. ToPaLi
    The blacks are bigger than the whites and are too big for my asian ears..
  12. fleasbaby

    *dirty chuckle* [​IMG]
  13. Nintendo Maniac

    No comment on the cord?


    Heck, even the "fitting in ears" portion of that text can be part of the dirty joke in some parts of the internet (Rule34 anyone?)
  14. ezzony
    Well no cause that the differences in chord have already been covered. I've nothing to add. Except that my sony cable mod is the best of the 3 :D :D :D
  15. Nintendo Maniac

    Ok then, final question - how do the stock tips for the white 9963 IEMs compare to the stock tips of the black 9927 IEMs?

    Or did you not even bother with the stock tips and just used other tips you already had?
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