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The Monoprice MP9927 PG 208.. MP8320 (MEP-933)..The $7.11 club..

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  1. Nintendo Maniac

    Well the cable is the same as the white 9963 IEMs, but indeed the price is definitely the cheapest for the pink 9960 IEMs. However, isn't it like £30 shipped anyway? So I wouldn't think £5 would be that big of a difference...
  2. HAMS
    I just purchased the Phonak pfe 022 with grey filter, here is my quick comparison:
    Both have similar balanced and open sound.
    Pfe is more balanced with more detailed mid and treble.
    Pfe is surprisingly louder.
    Pfe sound stage is open and airy but a bit closed (coming from monoprice) still it's great on it's own.
    Monoprice sound stage is more open, wide, and easier to listen.
    Wow so monoprice smooth treble is may actually what's make it sound open and more natural!
    I can't decide which I prefer, Pfe balance and detail are awesome but monoprice win in real live like soundstage and it's easier to listen with smoother treble :)
  3. geo2160
    These things will set me back ~20$ since I don't live in the US. Are there any better alternatives in this price range that I can easily purchase from europe? I want to try them for the nice bass.
  4. xedjflowx
    Nuforce NE-600
    EDIT: it's got the same old warm bassy and fun sound that i got the from the ne-6. be aware of build quality though, mine lasted a few months at the gym. for $15 or whatever i paid, i wasn't surprised though.
  5. tomatopunch
    First I thought this thread was some sort of a April Fools joke.
    It was not posted on April 1st,
    I do not see any "/s" in the thread,
    |Joker| scored it 7.5 for SQ,
    I'm trying these.
  6. xedjflowx
    Some of my first posts in this forum were about these. Shockingly quite the best $7 you'll spend on an IEM.
  7. jateelover
    Kind of a specific question on fit. These press against the back edge of the cartilage in my ear. The ridiculous ridges on the outside are the culprits. Its hard to explain, but i'm assuming if anyone can help me with this, they'll know what I'm talking about. 
    I want to purchase new tips, like Comply, but I'm concerned this won't help the issue. Anyone fix this issue with a certain kind of tip?
  8. Kamakahah

    You can shave them off with a razor or file them down if you have the patience. Then smooth them with some sand paper.
  9. tomatopunch
    Yeah, I would definitely not hesitate filing it down since it's a cheapo $7 earphone! [​IMG] 
  10. HAMS
    With some EQ >boosted treble, I enjoy this as much as my phonak pfe, more open soundstage with slightly less detail, very nice!
    IMO monoprice strength is in out-of-the head clarity and openness, like when you listen to speaker in big hall or open environment it's sound addicting.
  11. nbriles2000
    Are these still worth it after the recable cost? How do they compare to the jvc fx40? I just had a pair of those die on me
  12. Tacodude2000
    I just bought a pair of 9963’s (the white one’s) and I don’t think that re-cabling them is necessary unless you believe it will improve the sound. I would say the wire is very similar to the apple earbuds/pods (rubber, pliable, low memory) and the microphonics are also very low. It's pretty nice to be honest. I’ve heard that the braided wire on the 8820 & 9927 have high microphonics and can start to fray over time. If you plan on getting either of those models, it might be a good idea to rewire them. I have a pair of 8823’s on the way so I’ll see for myself once they arrive.
    I’ve never listened to the JVC phones, so I can’t tell you how they compare. However, I can tell you that I couldn’t compare them anyways since wearing these things for more than a few minutes causes me major discomfort. Like others have said, the problem is the little ridges that run the circumference of the outer housing are digging into part of my ear and it becomes very painful. Maybe sanding them off like someone suggested above will remedy that problem? Or different tips? Also, this is my first set of IEM’s and I can’t seem to get comfortable with shoving the rubber tips down my ear, but maybe it’s just something you get used to.
    They're $10 cheapies so if you bought them and decided you didn't like them, maybe you can use the wire from these to repair your jvc's (if that's the problem).
  13. nbriles2000
    OK I just got these last night (the black ones.) I let em burn in all last night.
    The bass leaves something to be desired and the upper end seems quite peaky. What mods should I do first? I know about covering the drivers in the microfiber cloth and I plan to do that after work tonight!
    Overall they're pretty impressive for $7!
  14. xtwargodtx
    I got the KZ ED2/EDSE instead of the 8320 from what I've heard these are supposedly almost in the $70 SQ department for $5
  15. xedjflowx

    That and they are some of the sexiest IEMs I've seen. 10/10 would bang.
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