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The Monoprice MP9927 PG 208.. MP8320 (MEP-933)..The $7.11 club..

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  1. BWAS1000
    White cables get pretty dirty. 1404992628544.jpg
    not too clean huh?
  2. Nintendo Maniac
    Yeah, the only cable (a Macbook charger) I've seen like that was because the user in question worked with pottery and ceramics all the time.
  3. BWAS1000
    This cable and my iPod tend to end up in some stupid places, I tell you man.
  4. B9Scrambler
    I'm a little late to the party with these, but for those who are still having fitment issues I found that the large stock Sony tips that come with the XB50 work exceptionally well (same with other similarly shaped tips from Sony). I usually use medium tips from JVC (the ones that come with the T90, 3X, 1X, etc.) on everything, but these Sony tips are perfect, for me at least.
    You do not need deep insertion, and they seal nicely due to the slight oval shape. The rubber is kind of sticky so they stay put.
    IMG_20140729_215323011.jpg IMG_20140729_215407570.jpg

    I hope this helps someone...
    These are pretty badass little buds. I am quite enjoying them so far. [​IMG]
  5. HAMS
    I'm start getting bored at black rubberized finish I want shiny metallic color:) any chance if monoprice get new color? hehe
  6. BWAS1000
    why not the original silver?
  7. HAMS
    I have the silver. but maybe metallic black or blue would be nice
  8. B9Scrambler

    Hmm....disassemble them, get some durable Testor's model paint from a hobby shop and shablam-o! Snazzy "new" iem :3
  9. HAMS
    wow enamel paint are good idea now, I tried with leftover acrylic paint before and the result was not very neat. do you have some of that model paint maybe? then you can be first to try if you would :)  all just for such cheap iem haha.
  10. phillkillv2
    Just received these, not surprised since I have another Monoprice product (8323), the packaging is janky, and this one came torn. After a few days of listening, I'll give my impressions. 
  11. Nintendo Maniac
    Which color did you get?  (for reference, there is a difference in the cord and tips other than cosmetic between the colors)
  12. phillkillv2
    I got the black.
    What are the differences between the colors?
  13. Nintendo Maniac
    First off, other than color, the silver 8320 and the black 9927 are identical, and the same goes for the pink 9960 and the white 9963.  The differences are that pink & white have seemingly softer tips and a rubberized cord which considerably reduces microphonics; meanwhile silver & black have "less gummy" tips and a fabric cord for arguably better durability.
    Speaking of colors and differences, it would seem that these IEMs are on sale, but at different price-points.  Basically the less popular the color, the greater the discount.
    Pink 9960 - $4.92
    White 9963 - $5.95
    Silver 8320 - $6.42
    Black 9927 - no discount, $7.88
  14. phillkillv2
    That's why I was confused I guess. I typed in the 8320 and then found out the 9927. Thanks for the explanation. I would rather have the fabric cord, also, the tips are going to be replaced with Complys :)
  15. Nintendo Maniac
    Here's something I just discovered today that I'm pretty sure wasn't ever posted.
    InnerFidelity did a bunch of spectrum and frequency response analysis on the Monoprice 8320:
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