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The Monoprice MP9927 PG 208.. MP8320 (MEP-933)..The $7.11 club..

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  1. BloodyPenguin Contributor
    Today I finally found my 8320. It had got lost a year ago when I moved. It was like finding a gem in the sand. I forgot how good these sound. Like being reunited with an old friend.

  2. anduril
    Joined the club a few days ago... after being turned off by the cost of shipping to Europe, I stumbled upon a few silver pairs on a local auction site, for like ~$10 shipped.
    Very happy with how they sound, even if it took me a while to learn how to fit those without hurting and/or them falling out.
    I'm even using two tips of different size [​IMG] [​IMG] 
  3. Ruben123
    I have been reading this thread again, from beginning to end (yes I did) and I like how people claim them to be much better(100 x better even mentioned). Guess you should have a DAP that sucks or something. Theyre easy to drive and I have to listen very carefully to hear differences right out of my clip+ or amped.

    Amping is not a solution for the bass, if you wonder. They do sound very good however.
  4. HAMS
    I think if you want more bass damping mod would result better, it make the sound smoother.
  5. bryyando
    So I'm planning on picking up the 9927, however the 11616 caught my eye since it has the same type of name and has android functionality. Any thoughts/advice? They look like a different set altogether though, and I am more interested in the sq then the mic, although the mic would be a pretty good plus.
  6. Nintendo Maniac
    You're probably going to have to try it yourself.  I similarly inquired about the rubber cable on the white 9963's vs the fabric cable on the black 9927's and nobody seemed to know nor did anybody seem to be willing to give it a whirl - so I had bite the bullet and be my own guinea pig.
  7. Jim McC
    I know nothing about IEM's but would like to try the 9927. Does it have an open or closed sound? Because I don't like closed headphones. Thanks.
  8. anduril
    They do not isolate very much. Plus I like their sound most when they are not pushed very deep into the ear, so I get lots of "air".
  9. HAMS

    did you mean open sound like when the bass don't muddy up the mid and highs? yes it is, this iem is sound very open even.
  10. Jim McC
    Thanks. I meant do they sound like an "open" can or a "closed" can. I've never even tried an IEM.
  11. rickdohc
    I bought a pair of mp9927,  they sound better than my old 8320 (sounds thinner).
    I am using the same tips on both iems,  no mods... maybe there are issues with QC and thats why some people dont like them?
  12. jeakish98
    got my 9927's in the mail today and while they sound pretty good stock i would just like to confirm with someone else that their plug looks like this because last i checked some people had their plug be solid instead of fray- protected rubber but that might be on the 8320 not on 9927 image.jpg
  13. Nintendo Maniac
    Both my 18 month old black 9927 IEMs and white 9963 IEMs have a plug like that even though the black 9927s have a fabric cord and the white 9963s have a rubberized cord, so I don't think different models have anything to do with it.
    It's possible that the plug update occured back when Monoprice started including multiple tip sizes.
    ...in other news, I'm still slightly miffed that the topic creator never updated the first post. >_>
  14. Dsnuts Contributor
    Ya sorry bout not updating this thread. I have moved onto many a new headphones and earphones since this thread was introduced. I have always been and always will be a fan of the MP8320.
    I think everyone knows there are new colors of these same phones so not really much to update really. I appreciate you guys keeping up the thread and these still garner a good fan base. I remember when I bought these for the first time how crazy good these things sounded to me at the time. I always wished the OEM company that made these would create and updated version with a better housing and better yet a higher end sound. I think to this date the MP8320 and all of it's different colored brothers and sisters offer some of the best bang for the money value in the earphone realm. It certainly is a gateway to good audio.
    These were the first earphones that made me a believer that you didn't have to spend a craptacular load of money to get good sound for that these were revolutionary before anything else cheap and good was around. However there has been so many advancements in sound technology since. So many new phones and new companies upping their games when it comes to audio. I only wish other manufacturers offered the same money to sound ratio of these earphones. Wouldn't that be something. Before you had to spend a lot more money to get the same type of sound quality level of the MP9927/MP8320s but now I see companies with phones such as the Havi B pro 1s, Ostry KC06,Xaomi Piston 2s, MH1C, Zero Audio tenors/Bassos  that while costing a bit more offering just a nice sound or a distinct upgrade to these earphones. I remember when I started this thread there was no such earphones. Now we get phones such as the Narmoo S1 that offer dual dynamics with awesome fidelity for $30 or so. The audio world has moved forward. However that does not take away from my MP9927s/Mp8320s I still use on occasion and still smile every time I hear them. Happy listening and I have my fingers crossed that one day we will get the new updated design and sound these so much deserve.
    That will be the day I will officially update this thread.
    B9Scrambler likes this.
  15. garcsa
    High-End! Beautiful! Respect!
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