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"The Lab"

  1. Cinder
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I walked down to Harvey Norman today which is an all electronics store nearby. While I was in there for something entirely different I walked past the headphones. Coming from spending time here it felt like I walked into the equivalent of audio mainstream Broadway.

    They had this little booth setup with beats by Dre headphones and this silly little beats tube speaker. I picked up the beats Solo 2 from the hanger and they were completely broken at the headband, just the cups dangling off the end, still working mind you.

    I thought what kind of consumer impressions is this? LOL.

    The audition didn't last long at all..
  3. Ceteru
    Sounds like our Best Buys here in 'Muricaland LOL.
    I keep meaning to go back into my local one to see if they have any new headphones for audition. They tend to just have Beats and Bose  and Skullcandy for demo, but on their website they list that they have HD600s and 800s/800S in stock, so I'm curious if they have them for demo.
  4. H20Fidelity Contributor

    They have lots of entry level Sennheiser here, beats, silly gaming headsets, not sure Harvey Norman would stock Skull Candy, JB Hifi would. It was a real eye opener to the way we view audio here compared to the everyday consumer world.

    But the beats, they're so fantastic plastic, just really really lame.
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  5. Ceteru
    Hahaha "fantastic plastic". That's a new one for me, but very apt.
    I think my Best Buy might have the lower-level Sennheisers as well (like 208s) because they're all plastic and thus not much of a hassle to display ("Who cares if they break 'em?")
  6. boblauer
    But the urban myth of the Beats live on. I have the pleasure of interacting with several professional athletes and they all sport them. I cringe as they all make more in one year than most in a life time and they buy that stuff :angry:
  7. B9Scrambler
    My take on the AudioMX HS-5S. Not a bad open-back headphone. Needs upgraded pads for a proper open-back sound, however.

    DSC00447.jpg       DSC00387.jpg       DSC00467.jpg

  8. Ceteru
    If I ever saw a professional athlete sporting something either than JBL or Beats or Bose, like a Hifiman or an Audeze, I think I might swoon [​IMG]
  9. peter123
    Hi guys,
    Last night something terrible happened to me and my family. Just before bedtime I heard a quite strong noise from our ground floor and when I went down to check it out my sons room was on fire and not just a little. Fortunately he was watching videos together with his older sister and was not in the room. The room got totally burnt out though and the rest of the house filled with smoke. We all managed to get out in one piece buy both my wife and I inhaled quite a bit of smoke so we had to spend the night in hospital. The house still stands but we're not allowed even to go in and get medicine and basic stuff so today we've been walking around the mall in our night clothes slowly replacing them with new ones one by one. We've got no idea when we'll be allowed to get into our house again and we're staying at a hotel nearby right now.

    What an absolute nightmare :frowning2:

    Anyway, I'd guess it won't be much participating on Head-fi for me the next couple of weeks at least.

    I didn't even manage to bring one single pair of anything to listen too :wink:
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  10. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Gosh mate, that's absolutely terrible. Talk about instant mayhem, hang in there, hopefully they don't keep you out too long. Really sorry. :frowning2:
  11. Mr Trev
    Dude, that sucks.
    Glad to hear everyone got out safe and sound - and your keeping a bit of humour about the situation (trust me it can help)
  12. drbluenewmexico

    Peter123: sorry to hear of your house catastrophe. glad your family is all right, and hope most of your gear
    survived the smoke. you will emerge stronger than before and someday this will be the past.  PM me if you
    need any support, loaned gear or other assistance.  we will miss you from the Lab and Head-Fi, and look
    forward to your eventual return.!! drblue
  13. jant71
    Indeed. Material things can be replaced. That everyone is safe is what matters most. Best wishes for everything getting back to normal in quick order! Head-fi and other such things will still be here.
  14. originalsnuffy
    I am sorry for the fire loss.  As already noted, your family is safe.   That is what really matters.
    The main stuff besides family would be photos and other keepsakes that are not "buyable".
    I lost my room in a fire when I was 17.  Wiped out my vinyl collection and coin collection.   The vinyl was, for the most part, replaceable.  Even then I had some collectors items.
    I don't care as much as my music collection as I did then.  The fire changed my perspective.  Of course nowadays just subscribe to tidal or what have you and music is at your fingertips.  I gave up on the coin collecting after that, however.  In general, collecting things does not have the same appear to me as it did then.
    Hang in there.
  15. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Dude, I'm so sorry to hear that.

    The good news is none of the family got seriously hurt. Stuff is replaceable, people are not.

    I hope you and the family recover quickly.

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