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The JVC HA-S500 thread.

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  1. Dsnuts Contributor

    I would love to be able to give them a message about how they should use a new PAD for these headphones. Just from changing out 5 different pad configurations. The pads from the ATH- SJ5 ends up making these sound even better. Almost too good to believe actually. The stock pads seems to work for the HA-S400 but the HA-S500 definitely benefit from wider pads. Thanks for your work Tyll. I have enjoyed so many of your reviews..The ultrasone edition 10 being the best. Perhaps the best video review I have ever seen. Check this out guys.
    Thank goodness these HA-S500 don't make you cringe like this. Lol!. Love this.
  2. rickdohc
    hahahaaa.. Tyll, you simply rule man!  love you reviews!!!
    Stock pads are very bad man... even my Coby pads make them sound better. [​IMG]
  3. sfwalcer
    WoW can't wait to see innerfidelity's review of these S500/ S400s. Think it's gonna be epic, especially since Tyll is gonna review the m100s this month. We can finally get an idea of how these cheapo carbon nanotubes stack up to the new heavy hitters.  Can't wait!!! [​IMG]
    Oh forgot to mention Tyll burn these suckas in REAL GOOD 1st before you do your measurements, please? Can I get an amen???
  4. brrgrr
    I'm not sure that anyone said mids are recessed?
    The frequency response shows recessed areas and those of emphasis. In this case, compared to most FR's, they are average, probably above average. 
    The 30Hz square wave is best for looking at bass and midrange performance. In this case the line is sagging which indicates a slightly loose bass response (ideal is a straight line), and declines a touch quickly which indicates a little lack of bass extension (ideal is a small downward slope).
    The 300Hz square wave is best for looking at highs and mids. In this case it looks mostly nice (ideal is a straight horizontal line) it lacks any initial spike which would indicate somewhat lacking treble response. The hump towards the end would indicate midrange emphasis.
    %THD+noise (harmonic distortion) looks pretty good, outstanding performers usually stick about to the .1% line, so the 1% low frequency distortion is undesirable.
    More info on Square Wave Response at Innerfidelity.
    Criticism of my interpretation is welcome!
  5. Dsnuts Contributor
  6. Achmedisdead
    I had no problems whatsoever with the sound of the stock pads. My only issue was sweaty ears if I wore them for very long.......and that problem is solved by the lovely HD25 velours. [​IMG]
  7. Doc-holliday

    I think that post is worthy of a....... Lol.

    oh and +1 amen
  8. Dsnuts Contributor
    Ya no doubt. I think only the hardcore will really understand what these headphones can do with the PAD mod. Oh well. Hey stock sound is great. But pad mod is better.
  9. analogsurviver
  10. Doc-holliday
    I think it's gunna be fun to start the pad experiments all over again when we all get our 400's in... Who knows which one is gunna be most popular on those.....
  11. everlong
    How would you comapre S500 to Creative Aurvana Live?
  12. rickdohc

    Thanks for the info man, two thumb ups:cool:
  13. rG-tom

    Will do the headband to the blue tonight and take some proper photos, but so far initial impressions are that these are ****ing amazing! I have Beyer Dynamic DT770 and UE triple.fi 10s too, and these seem to be bit tighter and more neutral around mids and highs as the dt770, but dont extend quite as low. Mid bass is damn impressive though for small headphones :) :) Very happy for £45, and they've only got ~10 hours on them so far too! The sennheiser adidas pleathers improved the sound nicely too :)
  14. rickdohc
    Man.. i am BUYING one of those addidas pads!!!
    Come on Tom... stop overhyping these cheap phones you know, there are to many sensitive people on this board that cant handle the overhype.
    Anyway,   Welcome to the SharkSquad.
    Tom the Shark
  15. unkle
    i'm a sad shark, because I still have a long way to wait my headphones...
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