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The JPS Labs: Abyss AB-1266 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by scolaiw, Jun 5, 2013.
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  1. Blitzula
    Gotcha. Did you find the Abyss scales well with differing equipment levels? More or less so than other headphones you've had?
  2. jscmd2000
    So the dave drives the phi nicely, but does it drive them sufficiently, with depth and authority? In other words, when you listen to your phi, do you prefer to listen straight out of dave or do you prefer an amp in the mix?

    I am a big fan of Chord products and really like the direction they are headed. Also a big fan of A&K. The hugo 2 and sp1000 sound very similar to my ears, I think I would have hard time telling them apart in a blind test. I am also considering a dedicated, not integrated, headphone amp and have narrowed down to a few, including the moon neo 430 that you own. But, I have a feeling I will eventually get the dave somewhere down the line, maybe when I am inebriated, but if you tell me that you don't need an amp with the dave, I think I will redirect my energy and be tremendously grateful.
  3. jlbrach
    you dont need the amp and yes the dave drives the Phi very well....my 430 creates a different presentation which is also outstanding but not necessary....the dave is more transparent without it
  4. jscmd2000
    Wow, back to the drawing board... Thanks!
  5. jlbrach
    dont get me wrong,the 430 sounds great with the dave...it is just a different sound,not as transparent...more muscular and a bit larger
  6. jscmd2000
    I think I get it... sounds powerful and big but lose that chord magic
  7. jmills8
    The Hugo 2 cant.
  8. Beolab
    DAVE drive them to high volumes yes with great transparancy, but not with great authority i can honestly say,
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  9. jscmd2000
    Is there an amp that will preserve its transparency and drive with authority? I understand that all amps add something to the sq however little that may be. Which amp would have good "synergy" with the dave? Ideally something neutral, but isn't the neo moon 430 as neutral as they come?
  10. jlbrach
    the 430 is terrific but there are always trade offs...yes you get more authority but you also lose transparency...up to you as to which matters more....in my case since the dave drives my phi's quite nicely the transparency wins out but i can imagine somebody with a different opinion
  11. Beolab
    It is as always a matter of taste.

    I personally got small amps like DAPś, Chord Mojo , AudioQuest Dragonfly RED, and a Cavalli Carbon etc.. laying around, and yes they can make a sound through the Abyss, but it is like installing a Honda 1.6i engine in a Ferrari chassis, it will look like a Ferrari and handle like one, but without power and the magical sound. You will only use about 40-50% of the max potential.

    Do you want it clinical with a over the top to linear sound like in the studio, then go with DAVE, or a warmer sound with great impact , imagine and authority, then go with an SS or Tube amp for better synergy, or use a good EQ with DAVE.

    A great transparancy amp, is not growing on threes, but a near perfect amp according to messaurments is the Benchmark Amp AHB2, that have been developed together in conjunction with THX. That is at the moment the best measuring and most transparent amp money can buy, for zero transparency loss.

    I havent heard it, so i cant say i recommend it, but because it is almost 100% transparent to the source, it should not have an “own” sound or tone at all.

    Then if we look at other more cost effective amps, i can highly recommend the Ifi Ican Pro , that is a great powerful amp i have listening to, and here you can custom the sound to your own taste.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2017
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  12. Xecuter
    The moon 430 is good, very neutral but a bit dull on top. With live recordings it really lacks that energetic feel I can only find with tubes.
  13. MacedonianHero Contributor
    If an amp is neutral, then isn't your complain with the recording instead? Being neutral means flat and playing what the artist intended. That is my ultimate goal and why I own the gear that I do (for the most part...I do love some colourations like those provided by the Sony Z1R for example).
  14. Xecuter
    The 430 is neutral in tuning, for the mids with maybe slight bass emphasis. It just lacked high extensions which is fairly normal for most amplifiers..
    'neutral' varies a fair bit in this hobby, the gsx-1mkii was no where near neutral for me. It was bright, thin, harsh and glarey. However many consider a great neutral reference amplifier.
  15. jscmd2000
    Good to see you MH
    So, what is your favorite way to listen to your Phi and the Dave? Maybe you don't... or have you discovered a better combo perhaps?
    Sorry to report, I no longer own the Z1R. Loved listening to Mode and Gaga with them, but the violins sounded distorted to my ears and couldn't listen to any classical which for me is about 90%. Once again, no hp is for everyone. So I am looking for another pair of closed cans.
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