1. Abyss Headphones

    ABYSS Top Of The Line videos

    We continue to expand on interesting headphone audio videos. Check out our Youtube channel... https://youtube.com/abyssheadphones
  2. Wiiffler

    Whats this gigantic headphone brand/model?! (See first post for picture)

    So Today was montreal audio show. Great times and even greater gear of all kind! But what I'm looking for is those headphones. They we're HUGE. (Audeze are ipod ear buds compared to those!) They sit awkwardly on your head and they can close properly either.  Theyre so terrible, But i NEED...
  3. scolaiw

    The JPS Labs: Abyss AB-1266 Impressions Thread

    Welcome to the official JPS Labs: Abyss AB-1266 Appreciation & Impressions Thread! In here you will find all things Abyss. Feel free to post your own impressions of the Abyss as well as discuss anything you like (as long as it is at least slightly related to the Abyss). To begin with, my very...