The JPS Labs: Abyss AB-1266 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by scolaiw, Jun 5, 2013.
  1. jlbrach
    I have the greatest of respect for Macedonianhero and think he is a great reviewer and even nicer guy but in this case i tend to disagree...I think the Phi sounds better straight from the Dave.....sounds like you are in the terms of Phi vs Utopia,as one who owns both I think Phi is quite a bit better but very different.I love the efficiency of the Utopia and i think it sounds great out of the Hugo 2 which the Phi cant really do....the Utopia is in your face and incredibly dynamic with a smallish soundstage.....I do understand why many would prefer the sound of the Utopia but to me the Phi has better bass and a better soundstage and holds its own in terms of detail...
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  2. mulder01
    Nahhhhhhh.... I see where you're coming from as a reviewer, but as a consumer, buy what you like, not what measures well.

    If you listen to two products and like A better than B, but B measures better, so you buy B and try to convince yourself you enjoy it more than A because it measures better or has better professional reviews, that's the biggest mistake I think newcomers make.

    I understand that reviewers and industry professionals need to know a centre point so they can ascertain how much other products deviate from that point. But if you are a regular guy who got into this hobby through a love of music, then I think it's important not to get sucked into the pursuit of "neutrality" and "correctness". I think that most people who have stumbled across head fi and fell down the rabbit hole, first ended up here because they like listening to music and wanted to know what was a good pair of headphones under say $300 or $500 and it escalates from there.

    If we only went by measurements then all of us would own the same pair of headphones. Where in reality it's down to a matter of taste, and "good gear" is just as subjective as "good music".
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  3. jmills8
    Maybe your music has no bass.
  4. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Just don't forget HiFi stands for high fidelity...and that's to the source material. :wink: But by all means, everyone should go with what they like.
  5. Beolab
    No, i am using a DCS + Moon 600i V2 if you have read 1 page back as i said.

    I dont think the Utopia or any headphone sounds at its best straight from DAVE actually.
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  6. chaojiliqilin

    Wow! I am very curious about how to use a integrated amplifier to drive a pair of headphones. Do you connect phi to the speaker output ports of 600i v2? Is the control of volume very difficult since the amp is very powerful?
  7. Beolab
    You need just a 4x Banana - 4pin XLR adapter cable.

    no problem, the amp got an optical volume control with 532 steps, and -10db to +15 db gain.

    The steps are 0.1db, each step.
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  8. fredfung28
    Hi I just ordered a 1266 phi and would like to know if 1266 phi is good with gsx mk2 or not.
    I have searched the forum but didn’t get some answers. Have anyone tried it? And what’s the result? Thank you!
  9. m17xr2b
    If you search the forum you will find the gsx is not highly regarded for the Abyss. I asked the same question about a year ago.
  10. fredfung28
    That’s sad... I need to buy a new amp for abyss...
  11. m17xr2b
    I can recommend the Moon 600i if you can find one for sale, it does a great job and is easily better and my WA5 with top glass.
  12. fredfung28
    May I know why gsx mk2 is not good for abyss?
    My current set up is like this. 17CE2F9B-3442-45C4-A610-16B74025FCAF.jpeg
  13. fredfung28
    But isn’t it the 600i is an integrated amp? Not headphone amp? So you use rca at the back? I did not see any xlr output or 6.3mm output? Am I correct?
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  14. m17xr2b
    The 600i is an integrated. I use a norne headphone cable, cut of the headphone connectors and connected them directly to the speaker taps of the amp and reterminated it to a female XLR. This way I can use the 600i as a speaker amp as I build a XLR adaptor for my speakers.
    I haven't listened myself to the GSX on the abyss but I wasn't terribly impressed while I owned it. If you have the GSX there is nothing wrong with it if you enjoy it. Try to listen to other gear and make an impression for yourself. In my case the 600i is head and shoulders above everything else but that does not mean I don't listened to my other amps. Even the trilogy does a great job and gives me 85% of what the Moon can do. Also having a remote for the volume is great.
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  15. fredfung28
    Sorry.. I don’t understand how it works.. could you take a photo of the backside of 600i?
    So You modified the 600i to have a xlr output? Is that what you mean?

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