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  1. timorinolee
    Yeah, it is good for mixing. I would use it if I own a studio, but then again I would just get studio monitors instead...
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  2. JaeYoon
    Good point!
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  3. timorinolee
    Since you got your Athena's, how does it compare to your beloved Andromeda?
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  4. JaeYoon
    I think they are both on same level with each other.

    Athena has that superb soundstage from Mt.Olympus haha jk jk. But it's good enough.

    Unlike Andromeda. Athena is a lot more smooth in midrange. I talked to Ethan Groover over email. He decided to listen to Universal Athenas exclusively while at work. He hilariously found it the same thing.

    Athena's strong points are
    - Beautiful Midrange. Complemented by a gorgeously grand soundstage. Very much like a Greek Amphitheater, acoustics are excellent listening to Ambient music. I'm still listening to tons of indie bands on bandcamp (love bandcamp).

    - Not as bright as Andromeda. But the highs are still soaring and le fantasque!!!

    - Bass feels very welcoming to me. It's epic and able to keep up with all electronic songs so far. It's not basshead quality. It would be considered not enough at all.

    But for average little me. I think they are just enough bass to consume without feeling fat.

    They are also more comfortable. Due to acrylic. They dont feel cold or hot like Aluminum builds.

    I was afraid of plastic. But EE Athena acrylic is very high quality. Ethan Groover from EE told me to still be careful with it. But it is made out of UV Lacquer Acrylic that is resistant to scratches.

    I find Athena very enjoyable. Andromeda is still a fantastic iem to me. It's hard because it feels like this is ceiling. Both iems are able to listen to le fantasque amounts of detail at low volumes.

    I can set volume lower than my usual amount with other iems like Periodic MG.
    Still hear what I like!! Safe listening + enjoyment = win win!
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  5. chillaxing
    Maybe, but you don't know how he got it. Might have been used, past warranrty, ex-girlfriend/boyfriend. Or it could have just fell in the trash on Accident.
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  6. timorinolee
    Awesome, great to hear! Just wondering did you go for the ADEL variant?
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  7. JaeYoon
    Unfortunately no. I only got universal ready to ship ones haha. :p impatient!!!
  8. timorinolee
    Wonder if its worth the extra $$.
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  9. JaeYoon
    That's what I'm wondering haha.

    Only downside is adel modules reduce the isolation from what I'm looking up.
    I live in city where I need that if I ever go outside. Always cars and other external noise.
  10. timorinolee
    I find it tough to choose between the modules if I haven't heard how the original variant sounds like. I may or may not like the enchancements or changes in sound signature. :frowning2:
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  11. JaeYoon
    I agree. I might want the current signature I have right now to change at all really.

    Each module increases bass or mids.

    Too much of anything is not good for me.
    If something was lacking, i would consider or possibly just EQ instead :p
  12. Jackpot77
    To join in on the Athena chat, just been listening to this on my way in to working on my pair of Athena CIEMs (non-ADEL):

    Scorpions - Comeblack album (with bonus tracks):

    Great thick sling to the guitar, vocals are clear as a bell without being sharp, and plenty of drive in the low end. Just been discussing with @JaeYoon how I think these are definitely the forgotten middle child of the EE range. Great sounding monitor.

    Also, for fans of classic rock, I definitely recommend checking out the album - they rerecorded a load of classic Scorpions tunes and some great covers - great thick and crunchy guitars.
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  13. AverageDude
    If my avatar doesn’t show enough, I LOVE my AKG’s K701 and K7xx. I consider getting the K712 at some point.
    With the right amount of juice (Schiit Asgard 2 or FiiO A5), they move me more than any < 500 USD can I’ve ever listened to.
    YMMV of course...
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  14. HungryPanda
    I have always liked the AKG house sound, K712 Pro is my favourite
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  15. JaeYoon
    That's a rare sight!! But a good one indeed!

    I used to always see posts even on other headphone sites of people sayings it's too boring.

    Even now and then luckily people will see it as a jewel!
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