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The Hifiman RE2000 - a high end dynamic IEM

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  1. twister6 Contributor
    I remember we had this discussion last year man. Tbh, I didn't find that an issue because as long as you are consistent with the polarity of 2pin connector between L/R sides, you don't have to worry about the phasing effect. But yeah, Hifiman stock cable has notch and L/R marking on the housing of the connector flipped between gold and silver stock cables. But I didn't find that an issue and mentioned in the review that you need to be consistent between sides. But yeah, I noticed they flipped the connector marking on the stock cable.
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  2. twister6 Contributor
    I just spent half an hour going back'n'forth between Andro and RE2000 Gold and Silver. Was using Plenue 2 as my source, to be consistent with the original RE2k gold testing. I can't tell you why I said before that Andro soundstage is wider then RE2k Silver, but right now I clearly hear both Gold and Silver to have a similar soundstage expansion/width which is a little bit wider than Andro. I went back and corrected my review. The only thing I can't tell you if there is a difference between 2+ year old Andro I had before (the one I had to send for replacement) vs the new one I received as a replacement. Thank you for pointing out this discrepancy.

    Another thing to keep in mind, every review is just a single data point, often subjective and based on how we hear things. People use different sources, different songs, different eartips, have different hearing level, etc. So, it's always good to read all the reviews and impressions to paint the full picture of the product.
  3. Dobrescu George
    RE800 is still a king for Acoustic music, be it the original, or the silver. They really shine with acoustic :)

    Ie800 is a jack-of-all-trades, as long as your music doesn't require the midrange to be forward. Or even equal with the bass and the treble, because Ie800 has a really V-shaped sound with the midrange being pulled considerably compared to the bass and the treble.

    RE2000 Silver doesn't feel like that in the bass actually, I like it quite a bit for their midrange. The midrange isn't as pulled back as it is on IE800, which is great for its versatility, and the overall resolution and texturization is better than IE800.

    I don't think RE2000 is sibilant at all, but I am really not very sensitive to sibilance, to me IE800 is a bit sibilant, but not extremely. If you found IE800 very sibilant, then maybe you are a bit more sensitive to sibilance than I am :)
  4. kenchar
    Thanks for the help.

    I think I will pick up the RE2000 and give them a try.

    Looking forward to experiencing them.
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  5. twister6 Contributor
    Well, that's what happens George when you listen to "death metal" at high volume all the time, it kills your ear sensitivity :D
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  6. Dobrescu George
    Come one, Alex, I can't headbang to Diana Krall like I can to some quality Death Metal :)

    Even some Metallica will hit the sweet spot with them RE2000 Silvers :)

    Also, you are absolutely correct, and people should really be taking better care of their hearing, listening to aggressive music at loud volumes can really kill one's hearing... I am really sad I wasn't aware of this years ago, but at least now I can practice safer listening, and maybe some day safer headbanging :)
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  7. brams
    Got my Silvers 2 days ago. Still trying to get a handle on the signature, but first impressions out of a Questyle QP2R are:

    Still able to use low gain on the QP2R, but needs quite a bit more juice than my Noble Encore not just for the same volume level, but to open up sonically
    Short nozzles make tip rolling tricky; you may need to size up to get a good seal, but this may impact insertion depth . I ended up using Spin-fits, but am still experimenting. Will try larger Symbios next.
    Sound signature changes quite a bit with choice of tips: do not draw impressions until a good seal and depth insertion is achieved (all the more reason to take these first impressions with a grain of salt)
    Build quality is OK, but feels a bit light weight; pales in comparison to my Noble Encores. Note that the cable on the Silver does not have the right angled connector supplied with the Gold.
    Excellent, tight, textured bass with nice but not overdone sub bass rumble
    Open, clear mid range with forward upper midrange leading to (IMO) a slightly brighter than natural tone that might appeal to many. Sibilance is low so these will sound very detailed on quality recordings.
    Some peakiness in the lower to mid treble; not sure exactly where, but can be unpleasant on recordings with too much energy in that general area ... YMMV based on your sensitivity to that area.
    Good extension on the high end with a nice airy sound
    Wide soundstaging with good image placement within the stage

    Overall brighter signature than my Noble Encores with slightly less natural sounding mids-lower treble, but better bass and what initially appears to be airier highs . If you think the Encores are already too bright then stay away from these.

    Not having heard a lot of $1500+ IEMS I can't really comment on relative value at the Gold's asking price especially given that I think paying anything over $500 for ANY earphone regardless of performance is kind of crazy. However relative to other earphones I have heard at the asking price of the Silver I think these are actually a really good buy.

    Now back to listening ...
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  8. beaniebaesha
    hey guys is there any good cable upgrades for the hifiman re2000 the ones that come with the iem is not so good, would alo tinsel 2 pin work or do I need to get a cable with the key notch in mind as well any help would go a long way in terms of giving some good cable names
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  9. Dobrescu George
    I will be looking into aftermarket cables before publishing my review on RE2000 Silver :)
  10. beaniebaesha
    No worries thanks dobrescu george
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  11. brams
    Not so good in what way ... impact on sound quality, build?

    I just picked up a set of Plussound Exo series balanced cable to use with my Questyle QP2R and am quite happy with it. The build quality is great and I think I'm hearing slightly more bass and a smoother top end. Not night and day, but enough to notice. I can't say if or how much of this is the cable due to the switch from single ended to balanced, but I don't think I would like the sound signature to change from what it is now.

    The more I listen to these earphones the more I realize what a steal they are relative to similar performing iems at the Black Friday pricing. They are a really excellent match with the QP2R.
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  12. glassmonkey
    At $799 the RE2000 Silver are sonically excellent. They have lots of competition at $1500. From a build quality perspective, they are lazy and poorly made. I also find that the shape doesn't fit my ear without discomfort and is generally suited for larger ears. I haven't done a cable comparison in my upcoming review, but I can endorse the quality of PlusSound and Double Helix cables, especially. The ergonomics on Effect Audio's 26 AWG cables are great. They also have a sound for everyone, but that is an indication of how their cables do have distinct personalities, so should be tried. If you want straight up neutrality with improved resolution and stage, Double Helix silver cables are about as good as it gets.
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