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The Hifiman RE2000 - a high end dynamic IEM

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  1. Mimouille
    This is the thread for information and impressions on Hifiman's new top of the like Monitor.

    I was announced early 2017 and is supposedly coming out these days (early June).


    This iem is using a new Typology Diaphragm as explained on the Hifiman page :


    It retails for 2000$ and is apparently already available on Amazon and the Hifiman shop.



    First impressions from the shows seems overall very positive at least in terms of sound quality.

    Please share your impressions.
  2. ClieOS Contributor
    Here are some pictures of it:




    This particular pair of RE2000 was one of a few sample pair that were showcased on CanJam Singapore early this year. I managed to get it from Fang himself and hopefully will post some detail impression in June. However I can say that it is one of the most impressive dynamic IEM on the show floor, with only real competition from Dita Dream. Who would know how far a single dynamic driver can achieve?
    audionewbi and Mimouille like this.
  3. mochill
    Sounds good
  4. twister6 Contributor
    I assume a standard 2pin connector? Any comparison to VEGA or Xelento?
  5. ClieOS Contributor
    Yes, 2 pins, but a bit more recessed in the socket due to how it is designed. Can't really make any real comparison to Vega or Xelento as though they were also on the show, I didn't demo'ed them on the same date and thus memory is kinda fuzzy.
  6. zerogorgor
    I tried both the RE-2000 and RE-800 at the Headroom Show in London and while I think both are decent, I think I have a clear leaning towards the RE-800. The RE-2000 didn't pair up well with my Luxury&Precision L5Pro, and comfort was an issue.
  7. audionewbi
    for some reason when I searched for this thread on HF search bar it didn't come up, I was just about to make a thread for it and I was searching for a picture for the Re2000 on google images that led me here.
    Glad to see a thread made, where are the Re2000 owners?
  8. B9Scrambler
    Very nice!
  9. ExpiredLabel
    O was saving for the dream, needless to say this now has my attention. Looking forward to impressions
  10. WCDchee
    I'll be reviewing this and the Re-800 soon! :)
  11. windcar
    Heard it in canjam. Not impressed by shape, build and sound. I thought the price is a joke as well.
    omniweltall and Zoide like this.
  12. ExpiredLabel
    Unsubbed, hello xelentos...
  13. Cold Train
    Just wonder if Hifiman will propose upgrade cables with 3.5mm TRRS?
  14. Shure or bust
    Xelentos is crap.
  15. ExpiredLabel
    What makes you say so? It does seem to me minus the housing not being a metal, but rather plastic is the only slight. It would seem to me as well it was done based on the tesla driver technology...
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